1/29/19, Seth Magoon

The Weekly Soul Clap Records Show live from The Lot Radio in Brooklyn this week with Seth Magoon on the wheels.

Losoul – Echo Walk
Ex-Terrestrial – Blue Smoke
Yussef Kamaal – Remembrance
Dzihan & Kamien – Ay Ay Ay
Yadava – Morning Pt. II
Bell Towers – Ikea Hack (Chillout Mix)
Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
Moomin – You Are Sweet Sweet
CK – S Jam
Peter Matson – Roma Norte
Shinichi Atobe – So Good, So Right
American Intrigue – 90° In The Shade (Diy & Toka Project Remix)
Grace Jones – Sex Drive (Club Mix)
Mario Diaz feat. Mr. Lee – Can You Feel It (New York Mix)
Victor Romero – I Need Your Love
Filthy Rich – Too Nite
Swag – Drum Hydraulics
Wbeeza – Black moon
Ex Terrestrial – Virtual Music
Urulu – Destino Tikal (Cuerpo Pulsante Mix)
Sadar Bahar – We Are Righteous People
Hugo Mari – Get Loose (Kai Alce Ndatl Mix)
Smokin Beats – Times Are Changin
Interstate – Dirrrrt Loop
The Heavyweight Kru – The Dre-am
Turner Street Sound – Stoned Mix (Midnight T’s Break Broke Bones Dub)
Mad Mike – Hi-Tech Dreams
Urulu – Quasimidi
Swayzak – Lokal