Soul Clap Watergate 19 Mix Out Now!

Crustacean Love! WGate19 is out now!

Our relationship with Watergate started back in 2009 when we were on our first Euro tour and Heidi booked us at the legendary Berlin venue for her first Jackathon party ever. Since then we’ve played the club every year and hosted our DJ Kicks, EFUNK Album and Crew Love release parties there. Mornings on the Waterfloor with the sun shining through the curtains have some of the best vibes in the world and we tried to capture them on our mix for the 19th edition of their ongoing CD series. The vinyl only session was recorded live this July at one of their infamous open air parties in Rummeslburg and it’s OUT NOW! This project is straight from the heart and we hope you feel the magic as much as we do 🙂