Episode 124: C.love’s Great Edit Mix Vol 1

Art by Sofia Badaoui

Has C.love taken over our podcast? Maybe, this is her third episode in 2 years (Episode 107 and Episode 118). But, ever since I heard my first C.love mix while getting measured for my wedding costume at Jackie Taylor‘s studio in Berlin I’ve been hooked on her unique style. As far as I’ve heard (and I’ve heard a lot), C.love makes the most original and enjoyable mixes out there. So it’s only right that we keep featuring on The Adventures again and again and again…

This special edition celebrates the release of her first record ever, Gator Boots 5. So after you get deep on this mix, go get that record. Ya heard?!

And here’s some words from the lover herself…

“Hello All You Listeners Out There. This Summer the team over at Soul Clap pressed my first vinyl Gator Boots Vol. 5!!!! In celebration of this momentous release I put together a Podcast. As the title suggests this is a mix of edits only. In fact, only edits I have made. As a self-taught producer edits have been my biggest teacher. Discovering how to construct songs by deconstructing what others have done. I hope y’all enjoy!

PS. This mix goes down really well with a cold beer and some BBQ.”

Intro: A Personal Dialog with Dolly Parton
1. Dolly Parton “House of the Rising Sun” -C.love ReWork (Gatorboots Vol. 5)
2. 18+ “All The Time ft. Butchy Fuego” – C.love Edit
3. Stevie Wonder/A.D./C.love “In The Mood the Love Her” – C.love Mash-up
4. Taco “Putting on the Ritz” – C.love Edit
5. Kazino “Binary” – C.love Edit
6. Escape From NY “Fire In My Heart” – C.love Edit
7. Ready For the World “Oh, She-Love” – C.love ReWork (Gatorboots Vol. 5)
8. Bill Withers “Rail Road Man” -C.love Edit
9. Doris Day “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” – C.love Edit
10. The Zombies “She’s Not There” -C.love ReWork
11. Afet Serenay “Maden Dagi” – C.love’s Turkish Bass Edit
12. Serge Gainsbourg “Bonnie & Clyde” – C.love Edit
13. G.M.O.M. “Hamouda” – C.love Re-Imagined
14. Ryan Paris “Dolce Vita” – C.love’s Deep Down Edit
15. Aretha Franklin “Say A Little” -C.love ReWork (Gatorboots Vol. 5)
Extro: A Personal Dialog with Dolly Parton

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 124: C.love – The Great Edit Mix Vol 1