Episode 113: Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap Live in Tokyo Pt 2

It’s not very often that we get our whole DJ Kicks band (Wolf + Lamb and us) together these days. So we were pretty excited when we were offered the opportunity to do a month long Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap tour in Australia and Japan this January. And of course it was a month to remember! From a New Years eve/day triple header in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney (Let Them Eat Cake in Melbourne is one of the best festivals in the world!), to pool, island and opera house party vibes and an epic last night at Spice Cellar in Sydney, to an over-sold night of madness in Hong Kong, there were a ton of highlights. But nothing was more special than our first WLSC show together in Tokyo. The night was organized at Club Air by our long time Japanese sister Mio from LiLiTH the Party and after Naoki Serizawa worked his usual opening magic, we proceeded to play for 9+ hours on one of the best sound systems we’ve ever had the pleasure to perform on. It’s the first time since the epic Modern Love Affair mix that WLSC was recorded all together and in the tradition of that classic mix, part 1 is available over at the Wolf + Lamb Podcast. Now for your listening pleasure here’s part 2…

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 113: Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap live @ LiLiTH – Air, Tokyo Pt. 2

South Africa Tour 2014!

Soul Clap South Africa Tour 2014!

we’re super excited to be playing in South Africa for the first time! here’s to bringing the mothership to the Motherland. Peep right here for more tour specifics.

OUT NOW: Lonely C & Baby Prince – Fraiche EP

Lonely C & Baby Prince's Fraiche


Block rocking, pop locking Lonely C and Baby Prince are at it again with their latest “Fraiche EP” on Soul Clap Records. The troublemaking two-some take us back to 2011. It was a weekend in late August and New York City was practically under martial law. News tickers warned frightened citizens that a hurricane called Irene would strike at any minute, flooding most of Manhattan and Williamsburg where the boys sat gleefully snacking and talking shit inside the world famous Marcy Hotel. With all airplanes grounded and the trains halted it became clear that LC & BP were going nowhere. It began to rain, the wind picked up and as the skies darkened, NYC declared a state of emergency. Well…looks like it was time to hit the STUDIO!

What followed could be considered a weekend of non stop music and delinquent antics. These two masters of hang out managed not to leave the house as they pumped out track after track anticipating the end of days. Only disaster never struck, IRENE WAS A HOAX! Was it another conspiracy? Who was pulling the strings? Who was John Frum? Is the Earth hollow? The mysteries remain… UNSOLVED.

Shout out to Greg Paulus for his superb trumpet contribution.