Afro Week: Top 10 Multi Culti Jams of 2013 Pt 2

All this week we’re paying tribute to Nelson Mandela here on the Soul Clap blog by celebrating the music of his home continent and beyond. 2013 was an amazing year for Afro and Afro influenced music, in fact, it’s the year of Multi-Culti and in Mandela’s honor we’ll be exploring this budding genre.


Part 1 of our Multi Culti Top 10 covered Afro sounds. Now part 2 picks up around July in Montreal. We were hanging with Thomas Von Party (who runs Turbo Records) at a secret gig after we played Osheaga Festival. Then I played African Shakedown and he freaked out! There’s something so special about that record that forces me to share it and I’ve given away four copies this year (and we’re giving away another one right here on this blog on Monday!), one of those was to Thomas after our set. Then he told me about the new label he was about to launch called a href=””>Multi Culti and we ended up back at his place listening to his collection of modern electronic music from all over the world. From that moment on I started exploring more Latin and Arab sounds and they feature here on Part 2 of our Multi Culti Top 10.

MKRNI – Pongi Pongi EP

This is the second release on Thomas’ Multi Culti label and boy is it a banger. MKRNI are from Santiago, Chile and The whole EP is dope so make sure to check it on soundcloud.

Omar Souleyman – Wenu Wenu

We originally found this via Fact mag who were all over it because it’s Four Tet produced. As soon as we heard this one we copped it on iTunes and have played it over and over again. It’s a little heavy for our sets but so unique and emotional with such a powerful beat. This has been a great intro to contemporary Arab music for us and the Syrian Souleyman has been a leading light for awhile. His entire new album is produced by Four Tet and it’s required listening.

Analog Players Society – Coule’Ba

We’ve loved Analog Players Society ever since their cover of “I Can’t Wait” became our anthem last summer. So we were overjoyed to receive their latest red 7″ vinyl in the mail from awesome Brooklyn label Discovery a few months back. This is probably the band and labels best music yet and the low key, lo-fi Afro vibes took us straight through the summer.

Matias Aguayo – Aonde

My favorite song (Rrrrr is a close 2nd) off of Aguayo’s awesome album, “The Visitor”. It was released earlier this year on his label calledCómeme, which has been a leader in the Multi Culti sounds for a few years now. If you’re looking for proof or just inspiration, make sure to check their amazing broadcast called Radio Cómeme.

Juan Soto – Mágica Música Mística

A Mexican cosmic disco journey that was unearthed by Nick Monaco and led to many a mysterious dancefloor moment this year.