Nice ‘N’ Ripe Vinyl Grab Bags


As you’ve probably heard, we just compiled and mixed a compilation for one of our favorite classic UK Garage labels, Nice ‘N’ Ripe. Getting the mix together we went through all our old records from the label and it’s many sub-labels (In The Air, Deep Trouble, Zest 4 Life, the list goes on forever). Turns out we collected a ton of doubles over the years, so now, in honor of the compilation we’re making those records available to you as two vinyl grab bags on ebay and you still have 3 days to make your bid and own a piece of UK Garage histroy…

Soul Clap’s Nice ‘N’ Ripe Vinyl Grab Bag #1
Soul Clap’s Nice ‘N’ Ripe Vinyl Grab Bag #2

And if vinyl isn’t your thing, than here are 5 of the best tracks from the vinyls for your listening pleasure…

NNR-020 – Total Control Ft. Caroldene Black ?– You Took My Lovin (KC Club Mix)

NNR-023 – Grant Nelson & Richard Purser Sensation 1

NNR-030 – Vinyl Movers – Keep The Love

NNR06 – Jeremy Sylvester – The Best

IN003 – 3 Play – Summer Breezz