2012 The Year In Mixes

Thanks to you, 2012 was the most exciting year yet here on The Mothership. We

put out our debut album, EFUNK, toured from here to Japan and back again, and closed things out with the launch of our eponymous label. So obviously we have to say a huge thank you, so huge that just giving away a track from the next release on Soul Clap Records is not enough…

That’s why we’re presenting to you here, exclusively on the Soul Clap Blog, a special mix from every month of 2012! Because, on top of all those other things we did this year we also put out more mixes than we could count (i mean we did like 5 just to promote our album). So here are the best ones collected for you, in one place, to end the year with hours of listening pleasure. After-all we promised to be good to your Earhole in 2013 and beyond, and what better new year’s resolution is there then that?

January – Double Standard, 2 Years & 10 Releases

February – Songs 4 Vibrating Timez

March – EFUNK: The Mixtape

April – Live w/ T. Williams on RinseFM

May – Soul Clap’s French Touch

June – Live @ Trouw, Amsterdam

July – International Feel’s Greatest Hits

August – The Great White Hope Vol. 5

September – Live @ Mint Festival, Leeds

October – Ibiza Summer 2012 for Pete Tong

November – Bamboozle’s BBQ Jamz Vol.


December – Best Slow Jamz of 2012 Modcast
This one is so fresh off the Modular Podcast that we dont even have it up yet so you gotta goto their site to check it…

DOWNLOAD: Nick Monaco – Set The Table

Happy Holidaze from Nick Monaco, Night Plane and the whole Soul Clap Records family!

Our gift to you this year

is a FREE DOWNLOAD of one our most asked about tracks of the last year, the little ditty that first caught our attention and led to Mr. Monaco joining our happy family, the one that tells all our mom’s that we’re not gunna set the table, we’re gunna party til tomorrow is today! So get ready for 2013, we sure are 🙂

Nick Monaco’s “Naked Is My Nature EP” drops in January on Soul Clap Records.

Meet Night Plane

We’ve been fans of Night Plane since back in 2010 when he did his first podcast for us. The standout track on there was his edit of Beach House’s “Str8 To Ur Heart”, which became our anthem that spring/summer. So it made perfect sense to enlist his talents as the first artist in of our Soul Clap Records and feature his music as the first release on the label. To help you get to know him a little better, here’s what he has to say about the tracks on the vinyl.

“All of these songs come from the fact that I grew up listening to rock and indie music in one ear and techno in the other. Listening to Soul Clap’s music has inspired me to find new ways of digging into the sounds that were in my spirit and sharing them with others.

“Heartbeat is about being so full of feelings for another person that it almost freaks you out. I knew Casey had to sing the vocal because he’s capable of this big roaring lion singing which I felt the song needed. Casey lives in Chicago and we had to wait until he came to NY to do the vocal because he was afraid of singing that loudly in his apartment building, and when he got to NY I made him belt it out until he was red in the face. I’m really happy with the guitar. I don’t know how to play guitar at all, so the fact that it sounds cool is a minor miracle.

“Gold Soundz harkens back to the days when Harry Bennett and

I lived in Austin and Harry spun house records at Liberty Lunch in between bands. I think it’s an example of a song having a universal message even if it makes no sense whatsoever. The keyboard lines come from Harry playing keyboards upside-down. We love Murk Records and I like to think this track has a Murky vibe to it.

“Gates of Dawn is my version of an aubade, which is a form of a love song sung by medieval troubadours. An aubade is sung in the morning, when two lovers must
part after having spent the night together. So it’s the opposite of a serenade, which is sung in the evening, when you’re still trying to get the girl. This aubade is about reckoning with the event of falling love, and having to turn and face the morning and either embrace this new love or just put your shoes back on and go home. The sound was partly inspired by Burning Man, which I have never been to, but I wanted to make something that would sound good at Burning Man at sunrise, at least in my imagination. The title is obviously a Pink Floyd reference.

“Foreign Affairs is a song that I came up while on the island of Buyukada, which is part of a little cluster of islands right off of Istanbul. My friend and I went there and rented bikes and biked all around the island in the blazing Mediterranean summer, which was an amazing time. I loved that feeling of being so far, far away from everything, from all of my life and responsibilities to other people, it’s beautiful, but at the same time I was

aware of a sort of melancholic undertow at the moment, and of the psychic costs you have to pay when you disconnect from those who love you and travel to the ends of the earth.”

-William Rauscher aka Night Plane (2012)

Night Plane’s Heartbeat EP is out now on Soul Clap Records. Buy it on iTunes, Beatport or on vinyl.

Episode 105: Monsieur M. Soul Survivor

Sometimes the most rewarding part of running The Adventures of Soul Clap is finding that new DJ that no one has heard of yet, but has that special something that makes us NEED to

include them in our podcast series. That was the case with Monsieur M, who I met after our first set in Athens and proceeded to talk to for hours about music and life. He told me about his disco edit oriented Modernism project with our buddy Thodoris Triantafillou, his love of r&b and deep music, and of course life in Greece. After he sent me a bunch of dope edits and mixes i asked him to contribute a podcast and boy did he deliver!

It took awhile to fit it into the schedule, but his mix, Soul Survivor pt. 1 is actually perfect for the holiday season. It’s as smooth a mix of 80’s and 90’s r&b as you’re going to here anywhere and it includes some of our all time favorite jams. So put it in on, pour yourself a glass of eggnog (or Manischewitz) and get yo groove on…

I think there must be, in every music collector or music lover, the need to make a mixture with few of his favorite tracks and maybe a sequel and a prequel and anyway you know how it goes… This is a journey through verry few of my most beloving tracks of the past decades, well… mostly of 80s and a bit of 90s & 00s! Joints of Soul – RnB – Funk and Pop, smooth enough to make you jump on you car and cruise or get you in the groove…

1. Soul For Real – Candy Rain (1995 – MCA Records)
2. Joy Enriquez – Tell Me How You Feel (2000 – LaFace Records)
3. Mtume – Juicy Fruit (1982 – Epic Records)
4. Crazy – Lady T (Hot Toddy Mix) – (2005 Shiva Records)
5. The Gap Band – Outstanding – (1982 – Total Experience Records)
6. Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long – (1983 – Motown Records)
7. Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done – (1981 – Polydor)
8. George Benson – Never Too Far to Fall (1983 – Warner Bros. Records)
9. Jean Carne – Don’t let it go to your head (1978 – Philadelphia International)
10. Sade – Give It Up (1988 – Epic Records)
11. Simply Red – Something Got Me Started (1991 – East West Records)
12. Richard Earshaw feat’ Carleen Anderson My Door

Is Open (2010 – Groovefinder Records)
13. Brandy – I wanna be down (Ezel Remix) (2011 – Unreleased)

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 105: Monsieur M. Soul Survivor