Episode 98: Happy Birthday DJ Holdup!

For the last 3 years my friend Fonze from New York has been asking me to play his birthday party, but unfortunately I’m just never in New York March 16th. So after the great experience we had letting someone else choose the songs for our Louche podcast I figured I could make it up to Fonze by letting him choose his favorite songs and making him a birthday mix. So I asked him and he dropped a list of late 80’s to mid 90’s hip-hop jams that turns out was pretty similar to my soundtrack to middle school. And what better time to drop a dope hip-hop mix then just in time for WMC, because after last year’s Nate Dogg tribute mix (hard to believe it’s been a year since the voice of our generation passed) became our

soundtrack to escape all the techno last year it’s clear that having something different at this time of year is ESSSSENTIAL! So who’s DJ Holdup? Well it turns out Fonze is also a DJ and when he puts on his hip-hop at the techno afterparty he’s gotta tell everyone to HOLLLLD UUUUUP!! Yeah, it always comes full circle, so have fun bumping this in your whip rolling around Miami… yo.

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 98: Happy Birthday DJ Holdup!