Episode 95: somethinksounds presents: Hang the DJ

Sometimes we get lazy. I know, hard to believe, but while we may spend most of our time in outerspace, we are human after all. That’s why we haven’t posted a podcast in over a month even though we’ve have this amazing episode ready since late August. Maybe in this case though, it’s a blessing. Because this episode, oh loyal clappers, is all about the Summer of Love 2011. And who better bring back that warm sunshine vibe than 2 young guns that were there for almost all the big moments Kazim Kazim Kazim & ThomThom from Hang the DJ.

If you were at the “quite” pool party at Garden Fest in Croatia, that sweaty loft party in London, or numerous intimate Berlin gatherings, then you remember these guys dropping some of these jams. This eclectic style, “girls at the front, dudes at the back” attitude and priority to getting butts moving rather than long mixing, made the whole Hang the DJ crew the perfect addition to our parties, but the story actually started well before the summer began. Kazim also runs the label called somethinksounds and way back in Miami last winter he asked us to remix a track by Lucky Paul. I checked it out and daymn was it dope, but we were in the midst of mixing DJ Kicks so I passed it to Greg Paulus from No Regular Play, who

turned out a beautifully deep house version. Then Kaz sent us another Lucky Paul track that Gadi and I spent about one night turning into our Money vs. Gold remix that you heard us dropping all Kicks tour. Once we got to Berlin where the young Brits live we hit it right off and they became staples. They’ve been part of the Adventure and you can be too 🙂

In their own words:


To honour meeting with WLSC guys this summer, our mutual Dj styles and party fetish, we have done a mix which should hopefully describe our somethinksounds and Hang the Dj parties pretty well. Be warned, if you’re expecting 4 hours of house music with no vibe, you’re gonna be disappointed. This mix is all over the place, and tries to recreate the vibe of our parties… pull backs, no mixing, chicks on tables screaming and fella getting down, real nasty.

1. Tiny Brixton – dsb
2. Lucky Paul – Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)
3. Erykah Badu – Fall In Love
4. Jon Phonics – The One
5. Leyo – Barcelona Boogie
6. Doc Daneeka – Hold On
7. Lucky Paul – Thought We Were Alone (Eliphino Remix)
8. Luca C & Brigante – Different Morals (Clockwork Remix)
9. Eliphino – More Than Me
10. Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold
11. Eliphino – I Just Want You
12. Outkast – She Lives In My Lap
13. Eve – Let Me Blow Your Mind
14. Slum Village – Tainted

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 95: somethinksounds presents: Hang the DJ