Episode 93: Lovins and Dry Rubbins by Sappho & The Perfect Cyn

It is always such a pleasure when we get to shine our intergalactic spotlight on those hard working DJs who make our beloved scene happen. This latest installation comes from way out west in Portland, Oregon where a couple of lady DJs from the Alga-Rhythms crew, Sappho & The Perfect Cyn, have been keeping the fire burning booking acts from around the world and hosting some of the best after-hours house parties we’ve encountered. Cities like Portland are a total wildcard, you never know what to expect, and coming from Boston we totally get that. Well ladies, you’ve definitely impressed us with your DJ skills and you’ve managed to build something really special out there, so it is our pleasure to dedicate this Adventures Of Soul Clap moment to you two!

Here’s some

words from Sappho & Cyn:

Going back over the tracks we included, we realized that a lot of them are about love and friendship. That’s appropriately so, since we’ve been friends and playing the same shows around the Pacific Northwest for better part of 8 years. From both playing at a Canadian iceberg in 2003, to dive bars around Industrial NW Portland, to most recently at a rave on Caterpillar island between Oregon and Washington, it’s been an adventure we’ve both been lucky enough to experience.

We’ve loved every minute of being friends that DJ and we’d been paired up from time to time, but there was something brewing bigger than we realized. A light bulb went off about the time that Charlie and Eli visited us this year. As the two sole DJs in Portland’s event collective Alga-Rhythms, we thought, “Why don’t we play TOGETHER?” It just felt right! The more we played together the more the comments came, “You guys are AWESOME together!” We were continually encouraged by all our friends to make this leap to partner up as DJs on the regular. Then Charlie and Eli invited us to do this mix. So naturally, we wanted the listener to feel like we do when we go out to the club together, and soak up the energy there, and stay till the lights come up, and figure out where to go next. And next.

The mix is about three main parts. It starts out pretty bumpin’, like when you first get to the club and you’re anticipating everything that’s going to happen that night. Later the mix goes deepy, like when … the party gets loose. And weird, and wonderful. Then toward the end, the mix goes more party jam style, where every track is your favorite track, going between genres, when the sun is coming up and everyone has new best friend and a big ol’ smile on their face! Between our full time jobs, relationships, and responsibilities, we had a blast making this recording and hope listeners wanna play it over and over. Never mind the fact that we stayed home from work to write this bio!

Alena – Changes (Ron Basejam Remix) – ISM
60 Thompson – Tanner Ross & Soul Clap – W+L
Josh T – Green Surprises – Hot Waves
S.A.S. – Straight off the Bone – Foot and Mouth
Kiko Navarro – Love Will Be Forever – House is the Cure
Inxec & Shadi Megallaa – Put a String on it – Leftroom
Pol_On – Secret Love – Kolour Recordings
Marc Chambers & Inxec – O so – Leftroom
6th Borough Project – The Fool – Delusions of Grandeur
Tigerskin – Unreal Thing – Dirt Crew Recordings
Daniel Bortz – Don’t Call – Suol
DJ Phono – Gone (David August Remix) – Diynamic
Roberto Rodriguez – I Got – Fina
T-Bone & Bubba – Bumpin’ for Love – Extended Play
Julio Bashmore – Batty Knee Dance – 3024
Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records ft Trust – Night Slugs
Session victim – We want to Thank All of Our Friends – Wolf Music

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 93: Lovins and Dry Rubbins by Sappho & The Perfect Cyn