Episode 77: Death On The Balcony

Not sure if we’ve said it here, but at this point it might be common knowledge that people in Leeds are a buncha nuttas. Needless to say (I mean look at that picture) our friends Paul and Mark aka Death On The Balcony are no exception. You probably know them from their awesome Cruel Banana edit on our Clap & Friends FreE.P., but these guys actually booked us our second UK gig ever when we played their Emmanuel’s Party Bucket party in Leeds. Yep, the same set we posted 3 parts of on our this here podcast last year and you can check out here, here and here. In many ways D.O.T.B. are also our brothers from other mothers as they hold down pop nights in Leeds and basically play as wide range of music as they need to survive as DJs in a small town (just like we did for so long). Now, it seems like they’re making like The Clap and outgrowing their small town roots by making some serious waves with their original productions for their Magicbag label, some awesome remixes and even a forthcoming release on Airdrop. We figured this was probably as good a time as any to have them take us on an adventure through their crazy minds of music!

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 77:
Death On The Balcony – Downtown:Uptown


Episode 76: Dijon’s Easy Listening

Hey planet earth, its Charlie taking over this post. I know our format is typically exclusive mixes for the Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast, but we had to make an exception for Dijon. Some of you might know I went to college out on the west coast, Pitzer College to be exact, in Claremont, California. There I met a HOST of characters doing the DJ thing in and around Los Angeles and throwing generator powered desert parties on most full moons aka Moontribe Parties. Thats where i first heard of Dijon, on my 18th birthday in the desert!

Dijon and I didn’t know each other that well, I was just a big fan. He had already graduated from neighboring school Pomona College but was still hanging around with the outlawed party fraternity/sorority (frasority?) called the Nappys. Another famous DJ you might know who used to hang with the Nappy’s is Dirtybird’s Christian Martin. Now I never joined those guys (final initiation involved taking a full balloon of NO2 and getting pushed down a staircase lined with mattresses!), but I sure did get crazy with those cats because they were full on raving! In fact, it was these parties and Moontribe that got Christian Martin to convince his then teenage brother Justin Martin, to leave their hometown in Connecticut and head west.

So, past spring Justin Martin came to Boston to play at our beloved Midweek Techno with our dear friend Heidi. The party was a smash and afterwards we’re hanging at Aldie St shooting the shit and talking about California and Dijon’s name popped up. Turns out he was massively influential to both of us and we found the man on Facebook. Thats how it happened!

Whew, that was a long story so lets talk music. This podcast is really special, its a rip of Dijon’s Easy Listening mixtape (yes a TAPE, two sided, remember?) from around 1997. I swear this tape was the ultimate after-rave, ride home soundtrack until I had to sell my car and no longer had a tape deck, wack. In my opinion it perfectly captures the early deep tech house sound that was coming from labels like Guidance, Svek, Swazak and Plastic City. It was also the first place i heard Black Science Orchestra’s – New Jersey Deep, which has since become a personal anthem. Easy Listening is seamlessly mixed and perfectly programed and has brought SO much joy and chill-out vibes to my life, I’m so happy to share with you!

Dijon’s is now finishing up graduate school in Geology in Rochester, New York. He is married with a new baby (congrats Jon!) and is really brilliant and talented dude! Check out his blog where you can follow his world travels, check out his ace photographs and listen to many more amazing mixes like this one!

Tape Side A
higher intelligence agency – u.h.i. – beyond
elegia – from nowhere with love – f communications
fresh and low – interlude – diy
kevin yost – do you dream – guidance
obelix – whatever – offshoot
reflection – cube loop (morgan geist rmx) – clear
blak doktor – i believe so strong – moonshine
brommage – brommage dub – svek
impossible beings – tuesday morning milkman – shaft
radical chic – in da shadows – wax trax
fresh and low – no going back – westside
retrovibes – love is – faze action
black science orchestra – new jersey deep – junior boy’s own

Tape Side B
controlteam – pheel – controlteam
u2 – mlk – island
swayzak – burma heights – swayzak
jesper dahlback – the lonesome dub – svek
unknown – number 8 – phono
fresh and low – seven miles up – westside
calisto – need ur love – guidance
terry lee brown jr – here we go – plastic city
metamatics – repeater – clear
klarky cat – gumbo – toko
pilgrims of the mind – nothing can tear us apart – mofunk

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 76:
Dijon’s Easy Listening


El Bandido?

Good for a Sunday larf. Nico’s El Bandido meets some random hip-hop video 🙂