The RnB FreE.P.

2009 was without a doubt the year that Soul Clap’s edits and bootlegs got the worlds attention.  It all started with a burning passion for classic pop music followed by a newfound obsession with Ableton LIVE.  Soul Clap’s prior production techniques found them held hostage by Logic in an unbelievably slow moving world of “Core Audio Errors” and system crashes.  I mean really, WTF?  Who would have thought a $3,000 Dual Core Mac and software investment would lead to such misery? Sorry… had to vent, where were we… right…

This powerful combination of theory and method resulted in a slew of projects that would go on to shape the Soul Clap sound and with the support of the Brooklyn based megalith Wolf + Lamb as well as countless DJ’s around the globe, this force has bolstered a new trend in dance music.

The “RnB FreE.P.” is the first installment of Soul Clap’s free music series.  This series will showcase unreleased, but dance-floor-tested material for free download on our website.  This first release is a special thank you to our fans and supporters this holiday season. With an R ‘n B theme, the FreE.P. features reworks and remixes of famed Bostonian Bobby Brown’s late 80’s hit “Humpin Around”, fallen diva Aaliyah’s seductive “Rock The Boat” and 90’s Waco Texas based pop quintet Hi-Five’s Kissing Game all mastered by Gadi Mizrahi @ The Marcy Hotel.

Please note, this music is made out of a labor of love, but as we all know, love is really hard to eat.  So, for those sympathetic to the art of starving there is a choice for optional donation.  All proceeds will go to the making of more dope dance music by Soul Clap!