Catching Up On Releases

Sure has been awhile since we posted anything about Soul Clap releases, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy putting music out on both our label homes (Airdrop and Wolf + Lamb). Since we last posted about our MJ Edits EP on W+L in August, we’ve had our first all original artist EP “The Definition” released on Airdrop 12″ vinyl + digital. Then in October our second Wolf + Lamb Black 12″ vinyl release, the “Pop Edits” was sent out into the word. Next, mid-November our remixes of No Regular Play’s “Smiling Faces” & “Derecha” hit Beatport, with both breaking the deep house top 100 and Smiling peaking at #22. Finally, this week, our collaboration with Le Loup, “I Want You” was featured as a digital bonus on W+L’s Significant Others Too EP. For those of you paying attention, Baker Man Edit comes out on AUX 12″ vinyl this month and we’ve got loads more instore for 2010, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget, you can stream all our releases for free and find links to buy the full versions in Our Music section!