Episode 60: Jay Shepheard Live in Stockholm

Somewhere along our last European tour we were in Berlin and our good friend Voitek (spelled Wojchiech, believe it our not) from 3 Channels aka Catz ‘n Dogz told us it was time to go to dinner. So to dinner we went, and when we got there we met Jay Shepheard. Jay is from the UK, but recently made the pilgrimage to Berlin along with so many others in search of dance music’s holy grail (which we think is actually somewhere in NYC!).

Jay is a kick ass DJ and solid producer with the bulk of his catalog on Munich’s Compost Records and Compost Black. Remix-wise he’s done work for Buzzin’ Fly, Four:Twenty, Dirt Crew and Faze Action to name a few. But that’s not really the point, the point is that after drinking many very tall beers and talking plenty of shit, we went back to Jay’s place (conveniently located across the street from the Neo-Nazi’s) to skin up and talk some more shit. While shit-talking, Jay put on this mix he recorded LIVE and we were like, ROCKINNNNN! So, away we go…

Tracklist (finally):
1. Moxie – “Bloddy Cheaky” – Moxie
2. The System – “You Are In My System” (Tee’s Freeze mix) – Atlantic
3. Talking Heads – “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” (12″ Mix) – White
4. Sugardaddy – “Love Honey” – Tirk
5. Unknown – “Pull Up To The Bumper” (Compass 12″ Dub mix) – Ballroom
6. ESG – “Pary Music” (Party mix) – Tigersishi
7. Gerogio Moroda “I Wanna Rock You” Disco Rotic
8. Lindbeak & Lindstrom “Alien In My Pocket” (Prins Thomas mix) – Modal
9. Morgan Geist “Probs” Environ
10. Popular Peoples Front – “?” – Popular Peoples Front
11. Blackjoy – “La Stache” – Art Of Disco
12. Black Leotard Front – “Casual Friday” (instrumental) – DFA
13. Todd Terje “Eurodans” Full Pup
14. Richie Havens “Going Back To My Roots” Electra
15. Bumper “Detroit” MDEX
16. Moxie “MX006 B” Moxie
17. Casco “Cybernetic Love” Radius
18. Soft House Company “A Little Piano” Irma
19. Serge Santiago “Atto D’Amore” (dub version) Arcobalino

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 60: Jay Shepheard Live in Stockholm