Speaking In Code To Premiere In Somerville?!?!

So former Boston resident Amy Grill and longtime Boston dance music supporter and current Weekly Dig arts editor, David Day have been working on this techno documentary for probably like 5 years now and it turned into a personal saga. This Thursday Amy and David are finally hosting the official Speaking In Code world premiere and it’s happening right here in Boston (well Somerville to be exact). We are super lucky to have this screening in our city so get your tickets here if you like dance music and you live in Boston!

Episode 50: Champagne & Mimosas with Matty Dimond

Wow! Its hard to believe we’re up to 50 episodes already. Ahh, looking back brings so many memories; server errors, deleted files, missing images, crashed web browsers… but boy oh boy there have been some seriously dope mixes! Thank you to all who have contributed so far, and to those who haven’t, relax already, we’ll get there, sheesh…

For those who remember Matty Dimond’s last podcast for us, you’ll recall this master of programing laces his mix with a selection of deep, classy and impeccably qualified joints to turn any gloomy day into a burst of ecstatic color. His latest contribution to Adventures of Soul Clap takes our ears on a slo-mo journey through tracks from the likes of Trus’me, IMPS (Minilogue’s side project), Mark E, Theo Parrish and a Yam Who remix of Grace Jones latest “Williams Blood” that we consider an instant classic. Now sit back, strap on your stereo and take your pick; Champagne or Mimosa?

1. Amp Fiddler/Sly & Robbie – Blackhouse (Paint The White House Black) – Trus’me Remix
2. Mock & Toof – K-Choppers – Mark E Remix
3. IMPS – Get A Grip – Strategy Remix
4. The Mole – There’s Hope
5. Cage & Aviary – Television Train
6. Grace Jones – Williams Blood – Cosmic Jam
7. 40 Thieves – Theme From Nutrider
8. Rollmottle – Take A Break – Maurice Fulton Remix
9. Theo Parrish – Chemistry

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Episode 50: Champagne and Mimosas with Matty Dimond

Italoboyz Are Back This Wedensday

This week at Midweek Techno we welcome back our favorite Italian boyz (who have actually lived in London for awhile). This will be the third time we’ve had theses fine fellows at Phoenix Landing and over the span of 2 years since we first crossed paths, the boyz have become legitimate rockstars, with highlights including a live performance at Love Parade ’08. With a forthcoming album on Mothership, these boyz will only continue to get larger and we feel so lucky to have them at the super intimate Phoenix, so please join us for a night of house music and wierdo instruments as Italoboyz once again set fire to the dancefloor.

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To help get you loose here is the boyz set from Phoenix Landing last June.

Midweek Techno takes place every Wednesday at Pheonix Landing, 512 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. Midweek Techno is 19+ and there is a $10 cover for special guests.

Episode 49: DJ Bruno Is 2 Dark 4 U

For episode 49 of The Adventures Of Soul Clap we are honored to present an exclusive mix from a Boston house music don dada, the one and only DJ Bruno. From his residency (alongside Armand Van Helden) at Boston’s legendary Loft club in the early 90’s, to running Biscuithead Records, to his long-standing deep house party, Utopia Sundays, Bruno has been one of the guiding forces in the growth and health of the house scene (DJs, dancers, producers, promoters) in our little city for almost 2 decades. (For more on Bruno’s history in Boston check this piece from awhile back). For this mix Bruno took his sound a little darker and into the realms of techno, but still maintains his soulful flavor. So pour some baby powder on the dancefloor and get downs!

1. Aphrohead – In The Dark We Live
2. PQM – You Are Sleeping
3. Thomas Melchior – Father
4. Mauritzio – #5
5. Selan – Gravity
6. Jerome Sydenham – Timbuktu
7. Africanism – Les Enfant Du Bled
8. Manoo – Roots Ep
9. Harry “Choo Choo” Romero – Night @ The Black
10. Milton Cardona – Ebioso
11. Master Kev – Twisted
12. Ame – Rej
13. Aril Brikha – Groove La Chord

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Episode 49: DJ Bruno Is 2 Dark 4 U

Back From The Dead

Snakes On A Rave

Hot diggety, it sure has been awhile since we’ve posted anything on this here blog. As you probably figured out we got lost in the vortex that is WMC, but it’s OK, because we are finally back and of course, better then ever!

Pictures: I only took a few pics at WMC this year, but our friend Vincent went crazzzzy! Check his flix here.

The Podcast: The next couple episodes of the podcast feature Boston heroes DJ Bruno and Matty Dimond and will be coming to your iTunes over the next week (hopefully Bruno will be up today).

New Releases: We have a bunch of new music out on Beatport and in honor of all the new releases the folks over there hooked us up with a DJ chart. Check it out to hear all the jams we were rocking at WMC and a few of our own 🙂 After selling out on vinyl, Puppy Crack is finally available for digital download as well as our remix of Crazy Larry’s Gargiulo’s Scarf and AirDrop’s Extraction US comp, which features our track called Astroturfing.

Events: The next couple weeks are going to be full of springtime excitement in Boston! Tuesday 4/7 is YoYoYo 90’s Jam, Wednesday 4/8 the ITALOBOYZ are back at Midweek Techno, Saturday, 4/11 is Snakes On A Rave at a never before used Boston venue (yeh we can do events on weekends!) and then Wednesday 4/15 PACO OSUNA returns to Midweek Techno. Oh yeah and don’t forget that Dancing On The Charles kicksoff in May (more details on that soon ;)!