mixTape Time 19: Terry Francis, Andomat, I:Cube

I’ve been a big fan of Terry Francis since I got the Architecture mix he did for Pagan Records in 1998. To me this mix represents the peak of the UK tech house sound that Francis played a huge role in molding and is one of my favorite mixes of all time. But since the early ’00s I haven’t been a huge fan of the direction Francis and the rest of the UK tech sound has gone. Until now, well sort of. While I love this mix Francis did for the GTC Podcast in October, I feel like it’s a whole new world from previous mixes I had heard. Maybe it’s just because I have been out of touch with his music, but for this one Francis blends his signature tech sound with jacking house funk to create a perfect mix for your headphones and your butt. As for GTC (Get The Curse), they first caught my attention with the D’Julz episode of their podcast back in June and basically have been going from strength to strength ever since so do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Get The Curse Podcast 041 – Terry Francis

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