Georgy Porgy, Cnyce’s Saga (R&F-020)

So, completely unrelated to anything, last night I found myself unveiling a web of nerdo music information that had me rather astonished.  It all started thanks to Paul Foley’s “Groove To Dis Biatch” ghetto ass mix cd from ages ago I found knocking around the car.  The mix starts out with Kraftwerk’s “The Man Machine” which alone is incredibly dope, however, my journey begins a few tracks later into the mix.

Toto’s EPIC sensitive anthem “Georgy Porgy” is where I totally lost it.  This song is so amazing, I mean its one of those jams where you’re can’t even help singing along (not backup either, just like belting shit out while crying hysterically inside).  PLUS, what a tune to get so down to on the dance floor, ultimate swagger.  Ridiculous harmony, the syncopation between the vocal and the piano, that disco shuffle and Cheryll Lynn (her myspace page is, I kid you NOT) + wood block on the chorus! I dunno, maybe its just me, but it brings out everything that’s ever gone right or wrong in a relationship.  Believe, if you’re still sensitive in 2008, you know what I’m talking about.  This is truely the work of a tortured man.  Like damn bro, shoulda told the girl you were a player, its the LOVE that leaves you exposed like a sandcastle at high tide.  Oh, honorable mention to Eric Benet & Faith Evans for the R&B cover, but they clearly come in second place to the O.G.

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Toto feat. Cheryl Lynn – Georgy Porgy DOWNLOAD

OK, so here’s where it gets interesting tho… So I’m like, who the hell are TOTO really?  Right, like of course they blesed the rains down in Africa, but like, who are these dudes, so WHITE and like why name the band Toto?  And I dont know the answer, BUT I do know after some DISCOGS research that they are a group of STUDIO MUSICIANS that together really made it happen.  The amazing thing here is that individually these dudes are SO PROLIFIC.  Especially the synthesizer players Steve Porcaro (thats homeboy at the top), Greg Phillinganes and David Paich.  Ok, so clearly from the size of the synth Pocaro’s patching on the top, he’s is absolutely ridiculous.  He’s got the late 70’s / early 80’s thing down, big ass hair, track pants (why not) and that hint of old school sleaze, not like greasy but like innate and powerful.  Phillinganes and Paich, I couldn’t find many pics from back in the day, but I’m sure they’re amazing.  BUT, its not the looks that peaked my interest, just ATTEMPT to fathom the volume of records, these guys have appeared on as a studio musicians, they are MASTER synthesizer men.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Hues Corporation – Love Corporation (1975) – Keys by Paich
  • Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life (1976) – Phillinganes on “Contusion”, “Isnt She Lovely”, “Joy Inside My Tears” and “Saturn
  • Boz Scaggs – Lowdown (1976) – Arrangement by Paich. (Credited on King Britts remake from Ovum Recordings)
  • Michael Jackson – Blame It On The Boogie (1978) – Keyboard arrangement by Phillinganes
  • Donald Byrd – Thank You… For F.U.M.L. (Funking Up My Life) (1978) Phillinganes on piano
  • Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real (1978) – Written by Paich
  • Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (1979) – Porcaro programming synths, Phillinganes playing on every tune.  Also “Dont Stop Til You Get Enough” written by Phillinganes.
  • Adrian Gurvitz – The Way I Feel (1979) – String arrangement by Porcaro and Paich.  Get Physical Records stole this album cover to make their logo!
  • The Brothers Johnson – LIght Up The Night (1980) – Porcaro programming synths, Phillinganes plays on “Stomp!”.
  • Herb Albert – Magic Man (1981) – Porcaro on synths
  • Donna Summer – Donna Summer (1982) – Porcaro and Paich synth arrangement and programming, Phillinganes on almost every tune
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller (1982) – Human Nature” WRITTEN by Porcaro, apperances by Paich
  • Chaka Khan – I Feel For You LP – Porcaro makes appearence on “Hold Her”

SORRY, JUST A SIDE NOTE.  Chaka Khan “I Feel For You” was actually written by Prince, with raps by Grandmaster Melle Mel and Stevie Wonder on Harmonica!  Ultimate.

  • The Jacksons – Victory (1984) – Produced by Paich and Porcaro
  • Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling (1986) – Phillinganes on five out of nine tunes.
  • Michael Jackson – Bad (1987) – Porcaro synth programming and Paich synth performance on “Liberian Girl” and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. Phillinganes on “Bad”, “Speed Demon”, “Just Good Friends” and “Smooth Criminal”
  • Michael Jackson – Heal The World (1991) – Porcaro and Paich play synths
  • Kenny Loggins – Return to Pooh Corner (1994) – Phillinganes on “Rainbow Connection” BWAAAHHAHA, i’m sure it paid 😉
  • Quincy Jones – Q’s Juke Joint (1995) – Brief appearances by Porcaro, Phillinganes on almost every tune.

This list goes on and on, including Pointer Sisters, Earth Wind & Fire, Jefferson Airplane, George Benson, Dolly Parton, Earl Klugh, Eric Clapton, Olivia Newton John, Anita Baker, Bette Midler, Paul Simon, Christina Aguilera.

Whew, ok enough for now.  Go do some research of your own.  Take any major album or song from your past and get digging, it’ll blow your MIND.  Shout out to Koochievision.