K.atou, Meow!

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This coming Wednesday (9/10/08) we welcome one of my current favorite DJs. All the way from Greece via Berlin, the one and only K.atou. I first saw her play on the terrace at the ReSolute party at this year’s Detroit Techno Fest and she blew me away with a sound that is the perfect marriage of hypnotic house and groovy techno (oh yeah and she played Somore – I Refuse)! So now we’re lucky enough to have this lady on the rise in a big way coming to Boston for the first time ever, so don’t sleep 🙂 Just to get you even more excited here’s a little interview and a the most recent K.atou mix I could find…

Where does the name K.atou come from?
Katou is the French nickname of Catherine or Katerina which is my real name.

What are the parties like in Greece?
I haven’t played in Greece for a while, recently i organized with a friend a 2 day party with Bruno Pronsato, Jan Krueger, Matt John, Elon, Miss Fitz in a Greek island but that was a different case of party of how they r in Athens or other bigger cities. It was at the beach, playing on the sunrise and jump for a swim anytime u had a long record playing..jk. Things r good in Greece but as far as artists invited pretty repetitive which is disappointing in my point of view.

What was the first record you ever bought? Your most treasured record?

First record i ever bought was new order and my most treasured record is the Saturday Night Fever on vinyl.

Where you from? Where you at?

From Greece, at difference place a year almost..hopefully I’ll root somewhere…at that time of answering I’m at the Iguana Cafe, N. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois.

What was the best place you ever played? What was the weirdest place you ever played?
Best place I’ve ever played is club der visionaere without a doubt, weirdest place was the living room of my now flat mates in Berlin at their farewell party in Santa Fe, New Mexico. they booked Lee Curtiss and me for their party which took place in the actual house…weird in a good way for me and excellent cuz it was different from all the weekend club gigs u know…

Top 5 songs of all-time? Top 5 songs right now?
since u said songs n not tracks i go for no techno music top 5s 😉
1. grace jones- pull up to the bumper
2. joe cooker- dont let me be misunderstood
3. curtis mayfield-move on up
4. steely dan-do it again
5. fleetwood mac- little lies

1. bruno pronsato-nobody calls (hello?repeat 013)
2. boris werner-sambosa (remote area)
3. horseshoe-collage (cabinet classics)
4. two armadillos-nostalgia “(tobias remix)
5. todd terry-i thought your love

2 truths and a lie
i love my family,i love food,i love airports.

Proudest musical accomplishment
my jazz, rock n roll and blues record collections

Vinyl or digital?

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K.atou February 2008 Mix DOWNLOAD