This Is How We Livin’ (R&F-019)

Today, after months of neglect we finally got down to organizing the record library. When that happens it usually means we listen to alot of music that’s been buried for awhile and pull forgotten favorites for upcoming gigs and now for Soul Clap Radio. One of the tunes we pulled this time around is this old white label that we never really knew the identity of. It’s this UK garage style cut-up R&B vocal over a bassy beat that we had just written “Gar’N’B?” on, because we could never find it on Discogs. Well if you haven’t noticed already we’re crazy about knowing everything about all the music we hear and it drives me nuts when I don’t know what something is. Thank god for Google! After re-examining the vinyl I confirmed that the catalog number was “Subfunk 7”, I punched that into Google and found this old page. Now I knew that the label was called Subfunk, the artist was Wesley Jay and the record was “Da Gasoline”, but when I searched on Discogs I still couldn’t find the release. Subfunk was there, but all the catalog numbers were in a different format and Wesley Jay was spelled Wesley J. Well after more Google searching I found this shop that has the same vinyl with an audio sample that confirmed that yes our record is indeed the same Subfunk 7, “Da Gasoline” by Wesley Jay. So I headed back to Discogs and added the release and ripped the vinyl so I could share the story with you. Oh I forgot to mention the best part, look at the picture of this dude. Where fore arte thou Sir Wesley J? And what is that mirror? WTF?  Just a little lesson in vinyl research from Soul Clap to you, because it’s just how we do everyday.

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Wesley Jay – Da Gasoline (Side A) [Subfunk 7 – 2001] DOWNLOAD