Adultnapper Interview & Mix

This Wednesday (2/20/08) our techno commander in chief, the one and only Senhor (that’s Portuguese for mister) Pat Fontes is celebrating his birthday by bringing in his homey, NYC techno innovator extrordinare and founder of Ransom Note US, Adultnapper. This dude is doing the damn techno thing hard in the big city. With releases on some of our favorite labels (Dirt Crew Recs, Audiomatique, Mule Electronic & Railyard), a production/DJ partnership as Sycophant Slags with Mr. C, the legendary london MC/DJ/producer/owner of The End AND his own label, Ransom Note gaining momentum with each release, we are honored to have this international techno player touching down in our littler than little Phoenix Landing. In anticipation of this momentous occasion we got the chance to catch up with Francis Harris (the man that is Adultnapper) for an interview, plus an exclusive link to one of his recent live mixes, so learn up and then come get down.

What was the first records you ever bought?
My first records were mostly 7 inch punk, indie, and no wave records. I think my first actual purchase was a circle jerks 7 inch. When I was a kid, I asked my mom to buy me Devo’s “Whip it,” but she made the purchase, so I guess that doesn’t count.

Your most treasured record?
New Order: Movement -original Factory Records Test Press

What was the first rave/club/party you went too?
Not sure if it was “Hard” or “Harder,” Richie Hawtins famous parties in Detroit. My girlfriend at the time loved techno and dragged me to one of those events. I was a hardcore/indie kid who hated techno. The event was quite amazing ,even though I wasn’t really into the music.

Where you from? I was born in New Mexico and grew up in Las Vegas.

Where you at?
Brooklyn, NY

What was the best place you ever played?
The main floor of the End in London. Nautilus Disco, Bari, Italy.

What was the weirdest place you ever played?

A strip club in Denver

What music are you into/producer/spin/release?
I really into all types of music, but lately I’ve been getting really into artists like Tim Hecker, Dead Texan, Deaf Center, Fennesz, Hannu. Lots of ambient/experimental classical stuff. Just really into atmospheric emotional music. As far as production, I make late night atmospheric tech house. I am also in the process of recording non dance oriented music that will be more for an album. As far as club music goes, I’m really inspired by producers like Efdemin, Lawrence, H.O.S.H., Stimming, Solomun, Matthew Dear, Alexi Delano, John Tejada etc. I guess its dance music with a more musical edge, not just a bunch of funny noises.

Top 5 songs of all-time?
Thats really tough. Heres an approximate:
John Coltrane – My Favorite Things
Pharoah Sanders – Creator Has a Master Plan
Slint – Washer
New Order – Leave Me Alone
The Smiths – Stop Me
Hoover – Electrolux

Top 5 songs right now?
Fennesz Sakamoto – Oto
Greg Haines – Snow Airport
Letters Letters – Between the Seams
Robert Lippock – Rearrange
Deaf Center – Dial (Helios remix)

Par Grindvik – Ensemble: Stockholm LTD
Anthony Collins – Bricolage – Liebe Detail
Rodriguez – Rubbo Swingo – Leena
Lee Jones and Daniel Drier – A man and a woman (Marco Ressman mix) – Upon You
Solomun and Stimming – Ghostdog – Diynamic

2 truths and a lie:

I sleep.
I eat.
I have a good idea of what this is all about.

Proudest musical accomplishment
First chair on the vibes in 2nd grade.

Vinyl or digital?
Vinyl with a sprinkle of digital. Yummy.

Adultnapper Live Mix 8/26/07

right click on pc / ctrl click on mac to download