Episode 25: Cnyce, Go Chuck Yourself!

Hey, if you’re wondering why you’re looking at a flashing animation of a scantily clad lady wearing a party hat (shout to Miss Jessy for that btw), it is because we are celebrating the 25th episode of the Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast. Wow, 25 episodes… not bad for our first year, thats 2 and 1/12th episodes per month! Looking back, we’ve proudly hosted some amazing guests and definitely had some awesome mixes of our own. So thanks to all who contributed and of course to our growing subscribers, its been an honor to share the web-waves with all of you. Anyways, here ya go, episode 25.

According to wikipedia, the word “Charlie” is a nickname for Charles, which is Germanic in origin and means “free-man”. The name Charlie may also refer to: The letter C in the NATO phonetic alphabet and FAA aviation phonetic letters, Charlie, short for “Victor Charlie”, or VC, military slang for the Viet Cong, Charlie class submarines of the Soviet Navy, Charlie (parrot), the name of a pet possibly owned by Winston Churchill, Charlie (band), a British rock band in the 1980s, “Charlie” (song), a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Charlie the Tuna, the cartoon mascot for StarKist Tuna, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a series of novels and films, and their main character, Charlie Bucket, Charlie’s Angels and the unseen boss, Charles “Charlie” Townsend, Charlie Dog, Chuck Jones’ late 1940s cartoon character, CharlieCard, a smart card used for electronic ticketing by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Charlie, a fragrance sold by Revlon, a cosmetics company, “Charlie X“, an episode of the original Star Trek series, Charlie, an album by the band Melt-Banana, The Charles S. Roberts Award, nicknamed Charlie in the wargaming hobby, “Charlie“, a 2004 episode of The Mighty Boosh, “The MTA Song” aka “Charlie on the MTA and of course, slang for cocaine.

Last Wednesday at Phoenix Landing, however, Charlie just so happened to be the first name of both DJs, Cnyce and Caseroc, who played together for the first ever “Go Chuck Yourself” party. The music that night was nasty, and Cnyce’s opening performance set a vibe we felt worthy of podcasting for you.

1. Brothers Vibe – The Difference (The Dif Mix)
2. Two Armadillos – Butterfly Bee (Andomat 3000 & Jan Iwanitz Remix)
3. Onur Ozer – Orion
4. Mountain People – Mountain 005.2
5. Ricardo Villalobos – Farenzer House
6. Modeste vs. Soulinterface – Stronger
7. Prosumer and Murat Tepeli Feat Elif Bicer – Turn Around (Cassysmoothmix)
8. Tim Ryan – Agnus Dei (Soul Clap Remix)
9. Kabale und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez – Mumbling Yeah (Marco Carola Kick Rmx)
10. Villalobos – Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 1
11. Dominik Eulberg – Lowenzahn-Luftwaffe
12. Layo & Bushwacka – Life2Live (Loco Dice Remix)
13. Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate – Two Face (Funk D’Void Remix)
14. Dole & Kom – Remind Me (Monoroom Remix)

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 25: Cnyce, Go Chuck Yourself!

Yoyoyo 90’s Dance Jam February Edition!

Soul Clap's Yoyoyo 90's Jam February Edition

1, 2, ready, go, 1, 2, ready, go! Come on, it’s party time. Another month, another Yoyoyo 90’s Jam at Redline. And this one is special cause we’re helping some friends who work for goodness (YAVA) celebrate their 2 year anniversary by making our dance party extra super turbo charged good. So everybody dance now and don’t let the things that make you go hmmm get you down. Ya heard?!

Here are pictures from past 90’s Jams.
Here are old 90’s Jam Flyers.

RSVP to get in free and make sure to goto your mom’s house and dig out your 90’s gear.

The 90’s Dance Jam is the 1st Thursday of every month at Redline. The 90’s Dance Jam is 21+ and there is NO COVER if you RSVP. Redline is at 59 JFK Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, USA, Earth. Here is a map. Always wear 90’s gear.

Perrier-Jouet Slumba RumBa

Soul Clap Perrier Jouet Flyer

When we tell people about our weekly residency at RumBa, the super classy bar in the lobby of the year old Intercontinental Boston, they’re usually not sure what to expect. We tell them about the laid back atmosphere, the secret champagne room, and the unique style of chillout/dance music that we play there (but still can’t really explain). But people still don’t quite get it. Until they come visit us on a Saturday night and see for themselves. And then they usually say the same thing: “I don’t feel like I’m in Boston right now”.

The first Saturday of every month at RumBa a different champagne company hosts a special event that features a champagne bar made of ice, midnight treats and access to the usually private entirely red velvet champagne room. This month our host is Perrier-Jouet and since their initials are P.J. it looks we’re having a slumber party (yes, we will be wearing pajamas and you should too). While it may sound a little snooty for the average Soul Clap fan, don’t get the wrong impression, just dress up a little bit (or wear your PJs) and bring your dancing shoes and we promise to make this Saturday the best time you’ve had in Boston in longer then you remember (for real for real).

Oh yeah. About that music we play, but can’t describe. Here’s the last hour+ of our live set that got it moving last week. includes a range of booty shakers, including some: italo disco, french touch, house, salsa, reggae, Prince and even Mary J. to close out the night.

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Soul Clap Live at RumBa 1/26/08 DOWNLOAD

MWT Podcast 1/23/08: Caseroc & Cnyce

The bench in front of Phoenix Landing

If you checked the Chuck’s interview of Chuck a couple days back then you knew to expect future beats and old school party vibes last night. And if you were there then you got exactly what was expected and more. The original Phx Wdnsds resident brought the super housey dancefloor niceness that had everyone shaking around like crazy and now you can too when you download this podcast and play it on your soundsystem.

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Chucks Wearing Chucks, Go Chuck Yourself

Anyone out and about in Boston tonight consider this… 1 Stage, 2 Chucks, 4 hours of House and Techno bliss! Stop by Wednesdays @ Phoenix Landing where Soul Clap’s own Chuck Cnyce rocks out with Boston electronic music pioneer Chuck Caseroc. For those who dont know, Caseroc along with fellow resident Shannon Shalako started the original Wednesdays night party at Phoenix Landing in 1997.

Check out this interview where Chuck Caseroc tells all about the glory days and this chart where he gives us a peek at the tunes he’s rinsing this month.

The party starts tonight at 10p until 1a. Phoenix Landing is located at 512 Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge. $5 to enter, Ladies are FREE until 12a.

A Tribute To M.L.K.Jr. (R&F-013)

A picture taken by a friend on his recent journeys in the southern U.S.

So we should have had this post up this morning, but we had a busy day reflecting. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazingly important man to the history of the U.S. and without his massive contributions to the country’s civil rights movement there would probably be no such thing as disco/funk/house/techno/any underground dance music that we listen to, blog about, make and play. Furthermore, Dr. King’s speeches were sampled on tons of house and techno tracks in the 80’s & 90’s, partly because of the importance of his words to the early producers in Chicago and Detroit and partly because his messages of unity and inclusiveness fit so perfectly with the idealism of the early rave movement. The most famous of these tracks is Fingers Inc.‘s “Can You Feel It,” which had a spoken word version that sampled Dr. King’s famous I have a dream speech (this track has already been posted all over the place if you want it). If you were around in the rave days then you probably remember throwing up your hands and feeling like everything was amazing as you heard the words of Dr. King fill the room, it was a powerful experience and we hope you feel what we’re talking about when you hear these tracks today.

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Reese & SantonioTruth Of Self Evidence [KMS 1988]

No one can do it quite like Kevin “Master Reese” Saunderson, who along with Derrick “Rhythm is Rhythm” May and “Magic” Juan Atkins is one of the creators of techno music. The one they call Reese started his KMS imprint in 1987 and released this early underground techno anthem on KMS 017 just before his first release as Inner City, the all-time classic “Big Fun” (which will get posted here, along with more on the godfathers eventually).

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Octave OneBlackwater (TP‘s Spirit Of Detroit Mix) [Concept Music 2002]

Originally released on their own long-running Detroit imprint 430 West in 2000 to widespread acclaim, Blackwater became one of the songs of 2001 after Concept picked it up for distribution. But it wasn’t until Detroit 2nd waver and early 430 West releaser Terrence Parker did this remix in 2002 that Dr. King’s voice turned this already powerfully positive track into an even more uplifting party shaker. Both Octave One and TP are hugely important figures in the history of Detroit dance music so expect pieces on both soon…

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Bobby WomackAmerican Dream [Motown 1981]

Even though it’s not electronic dance music, an old school soul track seems like it fits here. I’d never heard this track until we started our research on tracks that sample MLK so this is actually an exciting find, first because it’s such powerful song, but also because it’s gotta be a one of the very first tracks to use sampling (if anyone knows more about the history of sampling please let us know)!

Chuck on Chuck, Chuck this out!

On Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 a Cambridge first will take place at Wednesdays @ Phoenix Landing. Go Chuck Yourself! – 2 Chucks, 1 Stage, 4 Hours of House and Techno BLISS! If you dont get it, get this Charlie aka Chuck aka DJ Cnyce of Soul Clap will perform with Boston legend Chuck Caseroc. In anticipation of this monumentally dope and hilarious affair, we asked Chuck if he’d interview Chuck to find out exactly what makes him Chuck… er… tick!

Chuck – When/Why did you start DJing? Describe your sound…
Chuck – I started DJing around 1992. I had been going to The Loft with some friends and heard Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling On”. I kind of became obsessed with that track and tracked it down at Boston Beat [closed], which had just moved to Boylston Street from East Boston. I started collecting House records and Break records around that time. I wanted to learn how to mix records together. I consider my sound to be House. I’ve always played House
and variants of it but the majority of stuff I played at the Phoenix [Landing] would be considered Chicago/West coast style. Even though I’ve always been into the techier stuff as well, I hesitate calling my sound Tech House because I hear a lot of Tech House that I don’t think is that good. I like a good deep mental atmosphere in my tech stuff not just some banging for the sake of banging shit, ya know?

Chuck – What was Boston like then? Where did you used to get your music?
Chuck – For me, Boston was insane back then. There were illegal break in warehouse party’s way down Massachusetts Ave, a bunch of club nights going on and of course the mega raves if you were able to travel out of the city. I was also meeting all these DJs that I heard and thought were amazing like DJ Overload, DJ Bruno, John Debo, Dale Charles and 333 & Mgee. I always thought it was cool that these guys took the time out to talk to me about music and some of them I became good friends with.

I got most of my music from used places like Looney Tunes, In Your Ear, Nuggets and Planet Records [all these stores are still open, perhaps Chuck is good luck!!!]. I would also go to Newbury Comics for the sale bin. I didn’t really have the loot for brand new records but I would be in Boston Beat and Beat Non-Stop [closed] all the time listening to new stuff and maybe buying a new track here and there.

Chuck – How did the original Phoenix Wednesdays first start?
Chuck – The first dance night at the Phoenix Landing was a night called “Sunday Service” with these Irish DJ’s Peter Bailey and Foxy John. This night was crazy. It was all these Irish ex-pats going absolutely apeshit to Techno and Trance. Shannon [Shalako] got a gig at that night, rocked it, and was invited by the owner Kevin Trainor to start a Wednesday. I was returning from an 8 month “vacation” in Denver and was asked by Shannon [Shalako] if I wanted to do the night with him. We had our first night in March of 1997.

Chuck – Who was responsible for making the party happen?
Chuck – Kevin Trainor, Peter Bailey, Foxy John, Shane, Dolores, Blake Courtney, Shannon [Shalako] and myself [Caseroc].

Chuck – What were some highlights (crazy nights, great guests etc…)?
Chuck – Every Wednesday was pretty fuckin crazy. Some highlights were:

• DJ Osheen playing a trance set
• DJ Hell and the International Deejay Gigolo tour with Acid Scout and Acid Maria.
• Steve Bug
• Dave Skye being brought in as the 3rd resident
• DJ Assault and the Detroit Grand Poobahs
• Funk D’Void
• L.A. Williams
• Pepe Braddock
• 5 year anniversary with Derrick Carter
• Garth
• Bernard Badie showing up and asking if he was in the right place
• Matthew Dear live

I’m actually going to ask Shannon [Shalako] to put up the list of past performers back up on the Redlight website there were so many I can’t remember them all.

Chuck – Best PHX Wednesday moment ever?
Chuck – One of the best phoenix moments to me was a New Years Eve, early on, when it fell on a Wednesday night. The place was rammed. It was definitely capacity. Shannon [Shalako]and I had a bagpipe player up on stage with us and when the clock struck 12 it was all over. The guy was blasting away on the bagpipes and we were rocking out. It was extremely intense.

Chuck – If you could have the career of any DJ who would it be? Why?
Chuck – I have spent an enormous amount of time and energy (and money) building my own career. I am finally at the point where I can balance working 50 hours a week at my day job and being able to still play gigs a couple times a month. It wasn’t easy, and I have a sacrificed a lot and am still in it. I wouldn’t want any other DJ’s career because i am proud of my own accomplishments. There was one point where Shannon [Shalako] and I had been at the Phoenix for 333 consecutive Wednesdays. I have also held residencies at Hibernia (now defunct), the Wonderbar, and now the Goodlife one Friday a month with Judea Stonez, and one friday a month with Scott Bliss.

-Besides raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, what are a few of your favorite things?
• My wife Sally
• My cats Tiger and Bella
• Designing flyers
• Painting
• Reading
• Learning a new computer program
• Snowstorms
• Anna’s Taquiera
• House of Siam
• The chicken fingers from AK’s by my house
• Beach days/lake days
• Cooking outside
• Travelling to new places
• Good friends
• My family

Chuck – All Chucks/Charlies have nicknames, growing up what was yours? What is the best thing about being a Chuck?
Chuck – My real name is William[WTF!!!!]. I was named Chuck by my Aunt Liz who passed when she was real young. People have called me Chuck from before I could even recognize my own name. I also was called B by my friends in the neighborhood in Malden where I grew up. I think the best thing about being a chuck is just straight raw potential… the world is ours!

Chuck Caseroc’s Top 10 – January 2008

Chuck Caseroc is a member of the infamous Redlight Music collective and Formula 409 Crew that has been around Boston since the early days of electronic music. He will be performing on Wednesday, January 23rd @ Phoenix Landing w/ Cnyce of Soul Clap. WORD!

1. Rick Wade – Night of the Living Deep EP – Yore Records

2. Mikael Stavostrand and Franco Cinelli – Monday Blue EP – Sunset Diskos

3. Lindstrom – Plague the Kid EP – Bear Entertainment

4. SLG – Invisible EP – Level Records

5. Ovatow – Phalaenopsis – Frantic Flowers

6. Einmusik – De’ Medici – Italic

7. Sascha Dive – The Basic Collective EP – Deep Vibes

8. Ski Oakenfull – Illuminations (Milton Jackson Mix) – Primaudial

9. Poussez – Kangaroos – Blacksoul

10. Unai – I Like Your Style (Martinez Mix) – Force Tracks

Episode 24: Sergio’s Parliament Nights 2

This is not Sergio Santos and neither is this. The Sergio Santos we are talking about and have written and podcasted about many times on this here blog is this Sergio Santos. This Sergio Santos (whos MySpace status as I write this post “is flying through the bermuda triangle right now”) is one of the most talented and tasteful house/techno DJs in the city of Boston. This Sergio Santos just completed the second edition of his now ongoing Parliament Nights mix series (here‘s the first edition) yesterday and sent it over to us to share with you. If you’re wondering why we keep posting Sergio Santos podcasts, the answer is simple: they just keep getting better and better. Segand I’m sure you’ll agree after you listen to this latest installment.

1. kevin griffiths – jaguar shoes (rippertons lonely predator mix)
2. friendly people – music is improper (martin buttrich remix)
3. michal ho feat. jon jon – take me away (original)
4. marcin czubala – consigliere
5. craig torrance & philip hochstrate – shrinkage (samims remix)
6. dan ghenacia & chris carrier – tumble blur
7. mark broom – wizz (mihalis safras remix)
8. marlon d – jesus creates sound (main mix)
9. danton eeprom – one thing leads to another (tigerskin remix)
10. johnny d – walkman (ray okpara remix)
11. sebo k – far out
12. dominik eulberg – grunschenkel (2000 & one remix)
13. red robbin & jakob hilden – snapdragon
14. da fresh – a night at the beach (dj f.e.x. remix)
15. tom clark – fragile elements (paul ritch remix)
16. luca bacchetti – the way to corvocado
17. sian – apple tree
18. riton – sound of the studio

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 24:
Sergio’s Parliament Nights 2