NEWS&NOTES: An Eruption For The Ages

Snoop does house on his new single: Sexual Eruption

Hope you enjoyed the fresh dose of 90’s house/technoness last week. Things are crazy busy on the mothership these days, so posts and podcasts have been tough to come by, but don’t worry we’ll keep the goodies (and there are alot of ’em in the works) coming just as fast as we can. For now here’s a quick update on what’s going on in our galaxy.

But before we get to the official transmission let’s start with that Snoop Dogg video up there. If you had asked me my thoughts about Snoop a couple months back I already would have told you that the Doggfather is probably the most underrated musician of the 00’s. It seems that just because he is such a pop icon people totally underestimate his music, but check 04’s R&G or 06’s Blue Carpet Treatment and you’ll find a unique sound that bridges the gap between 80’s funk and r&b and future hip-hop, soul and electronic and sets Snoop apart from any other artists of today. Like those albums weren’t enough, his new single explores unexplored territories for Snoop with it’s balearic house strings while taking the funk/r&b throwback to the next level (especially in the video) and the result is an absolute masterpiece. Now back to our regularly scheduled program: