On The Cover!

Soulclap! on the cover of Stuff@Night

So if getting up in Boston means anything, than we actually have accomplished something by appearing on the cover and getting a writeup in local “night. life. culture.” mag Stuff@Night. Either way it’s really funny to see our faces all over the city and we got drunk for free at the cover shoot. While the paragraph they wrote about us that appears in the mag pretty much captures what we’re about (other then the fact that we don’t play at Thunderdome or Hearthrob, but just wanted to shout them out as dope parties in Boston), we had some dead serious answers to the questions they emailed us that never got published so you can read some choice words here:

What’s your offical title, and what’s in your job description? Soulclap! – making beats, playing beats, beating it up proper, beet salad.

How do you see yourself fitting into the nightlife scene in Boston? We fight tooth and nail to keep an authentic underground afloat in a sea of “ya dudes”.

Tell me about your professional background. We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.

Describe how you see nightlife in Boston. How has it changed? Where is it going next? Well there have been many twists and turns since the days of Armand. We started out going to raves, going to Axis for house/techno nights, going to The Spot (now Baseball Tavern), going to parties in MIT tunnels and the Children’s Museum. As soon as they found out how much fun we were having they shut us down. After the millennium trance took over, followed by hip-hop and with the exception of a few underground spots/events (shout outs to Soul Revival, The Rinse, Runnin’ Fridays, Bump & Rise), nightlife in Boston became all about bottles and models and top 40, never about cutting edge music and quality DJs. Finally the last year or so there are more and more popular creative music and visual events, and if parties like Dancing on the Charles, Make It New, Hearthrob and Thunderdome are any indication things are finally turning around for Boston nightlife.

Where are you a regular, what spots do you love, and what kind of nightlife do you prefer? We pretty much just go out in Cambridge. Phoenix Landing, Enormous Room, Middlesex, Redline. When we go downtown we goto Goodlife, Rumba at the Intercontinental Hotel or ALDIE71. We only do underground nightlife. It’s gotta be all about great music, cool people and sweaty dancefloors.

What’s your drink of choice? Partying: Grey Goose & Redbull (fresh from the bull preferred) Chilling: Johnny Walker Blue. Shots: Patron Silver

If you were given the chance to build your dream nightlife venue for Boston — no restrictions at all — what would you create? Oh jeez. Most importantly the party will not stop at 2am (maybe 2pm depending on the weather) and it will be 18+ (cause it’s all about the kids). Think the terrace at Space Ibiza transplanted onto a floating barge on Boston harbor with a retractable dome. At night we will project insane visuals on the entire dome (like Omni Theater) and then in the daytime it will be see through. The DJ booth will be suspended in the air from the top of the dome and a full Funktion1 sound system will round out the deal. Oh yeah one last thing, NO BLOWOUTS OR TRIBAL TATOOS ALLOWED!

You can also check all the pics from our Kindergarten photoshoot here. Shout outs to all our people who made it happen: Beba K for styling, Erica C for PR, Mike D for being a mack, Joel V for photoing and Heather B for writing it. Also shout outs to our people that shouted us out: Juddy, Abby, Missy Jessy (yes all their name’s end with the letter y, that’s why they are our friends).