Episode 21: Little White Guestcast

Little White Earbuds

If you care at all about blogs about electronic music then you probably already know about Little White Earbuds. Apart from posting mp3s, reviews and charts of great music since 2005, Stevie Buds also features some of the weirdest pictures you’ve ever seen at the top of his posts and he also has the dream job of reviewing and interviewing for RA so you know he has some serious exclus. For T.A.O.S.C. 21 we have the honor of welcoming the Mister Buds himself for a super special guest mix, but before that I caught up with him while he was taking a break from filling your brain with insanity.

Why did you start it, why do you do it?
I started LWE to cure the boredom of spending winter break in the suburbs of Chicago. I continue to publish because I love sharing music with people as well as spreading a bit more awareness of artists/labels/tunes. Talking with readers who have rushed out to buy a release I’ve featured is a fantastic feeling. Yay capitalism!

How’s Chicago?
Chicago is a wonderful place. Despite the fact that dance music has a much smaller following than it did when, well, a lot of modern dance music was first created here, we still see a number of the better DJs/producers rolling through. We also have the best damn pizza, for real. So if you’re looking for cheap rent and don’t mind a totally corrupt city gov’t, rising taxes, and one of the worst managed public transit systems in the nation, look up your boy in the Chi.

What’s your top 3 favorite posts you’ve ever done?
I am really proud of my interview with Mark August, my “throwing down the gauntlet” post decrying the state of mp3-posting blogs, and my review of one of Matthew Dear’s first live performances with a band (in America, at least).

If you were a techno which would you be?
I would be a cross between ambient techno and dub techno. Big, dubby chords over static rhythms and lots of colorful melodies.

Where do you get all those fresh pics?
Initially I would search Google for images matching my posts’ subjects, but now I just collect pictures I find in my Internet travels. Perhaps the best (and most NSFW) place would be pockyway.com, which is a continuation of the fabled Space Ghetto LiveJournal community. Sounds nerdy (and it is), but I’ve seen some of the coolest pictures in my whole life there. You just have to sort through pages of tits to find it.

The Youngsters, “Third Knife” [20:20 Vision]
Naughty, “World Of a Woman” [Moodmusic]
Carsten Jost, “Love” [Dial]
Redshape, “Pink Dust” [Styrax Leaves]
False, “Face the Rain” [M_nus]
Osborne, “Outta Sight” [Spectral Sound]
Arto Mwambe, “Noh Ngamebo” [Brontosaurus]
Jesse Rose & Rob Mello, “Do You Wanna” [Front Room Recordings]
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli, “What Makes You Go For It” [Ostgut Tonträger]
Chelonis R. Jones & Marc Romboy, “Helen Cornell” (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version) [Systematic]
Kissogram, “My Friend Is A Seahorse” (James Priestley & Dan Berkson’s ‘Bariz E Syntho’ Remix) [defDrive]
Siobhan Donaghy, “Don’t Give It Up” (Carl Craig Dub Remix) [Parlophone]

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast
Episode 21: Little White Guestcast w/ Stevie Buds

On The Cover!

Soulclap! on the cover of Stuff@Night

So if getting up in Boston means anything, than we actually have accomplished something by appearing on the cover and getting a writeup in local “night. life. culture.” mag Stuff@Night. Either way it’s really funny to see our faces all over the city and we got drunk for free at the cover shoot. While the paragraph they wrote about us that appears in the mag pretty much captures what we’re about (other then the fact that we don’t play at Thunderdome or Hearthrob, but just wanted to shout them out as dope parties in Boston), we had some dead serious answers to the questions they emailed us that never got published so you can read some choice words here:

What’s your offical title, and what’s in your job description? Soulclap! – making beats, playing beats, beating it up proper, beet salad.

How do you see yourself fitting into the nightlife scene in Boston? We fight tooth and nail to keep an authentic underground afloat in a sea of “ya dudes”.

Tell me about your professional background. We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.

Describe how you see nightlife in Boston. How has it changed? Where is it going next? Well there have been many twists and turns since the days of Armand. We started out going to raves, going to Axis for house/techno nights, going to The Spot (now Baseball Tavern), going to parties in MIT tunnels and the Children’s Museum. As soon as they found out how much fun we were having they shut us down. After the millennium trance took over, followed by hip-hop and with the exception of a few underground spots/events (shout outs to Soul Revival, The Rinse, Runnin’ Fridays, Bump & Rise), nightlife in Boston became all about bottles and models and top 40, never about cutting edge music and quality DJs. Finally the last year or so there are more and more popular creative music and visual events, and if parties like Dancing on the Charles, Make It New, Hearthrob and Thunderdome are any indication things are finally turning around for Boston nightlife.

Where are you a regular, what spots do you love, and what kind of nightlife do you prefer? We pretty much just go out in Cambridge. Phoenix Landing, Enormous Room, Middlesex, Redline. When we go downtown we goto Goodlife, Rumba at the Intercontinental Hotel or ALDIE71. We only do underground nightlife. It’s gotta be all about great music, cool people and sweaty dancefloors.

What’s your drink of choice? Partying: Grey Goose & Redbull (fresh from the bull preferred) Chilling: Johnny Walker Blue. Shots: Patron Silver

If you were given the chance to build your dream nightlife venue for Boston — no restrictions at all — what would you create? Oh jeez. Most importantly the party will not stop at 2am (maybe 2pm depending on the weather) and it will be 18+ (cause it’s all about the kids). Think the terrace at Space Ibiza transplanted onto a floating barge on Boston harbor with a retractable dome. At night we will project insane visuals on the entire dome (like Omni Theater) and then in the daytime it will be see through. The DJ booth will be suspended in the air from the top of the dome and a full Funktion1 sound system will round out the deal. Oh yeah one last thing, NO BLOWOUTS OR TRIBAL TATOOS ALLOWED!

You can also check all the pics from our Kindergarten photoshoot here. Shout outs to all our people who made it happen: Beba K for styling, Erica C for PR, Mike D for being a mack, Joel V for photoing and Heather B for writing it. Also shout outs to our people that shouted us out: Juddy, Abby, Missy Jessy (yes all their name’s end with the letter y, that’s why they are our friends).

Episode 20: Tel Aviv Limited

wailing wall for the all israeli soul clap podcast

Those of you that know us already, already know, but most of you probably had no idea about the inside Soulclap! scoop you are about to be let in on. Thats right, if you didnt guess already, both Cnyce and your’s truly, the Heaviest E, are members of the tribe, aka big freakin jews (I mean our last names are Levine and Goldstein)! And now we finally have the chance to let you into our world for a very special 20th Episode celebration: a mix of all music by Israeli producers. Why did we do it? Well, for the last year Israeli producers have been getting some serious run on some serious labels. Led by the late bloomer himself, Guy Gerbers recent album on Cocoon and Shlomi Abers just dropped long player on Renaissance (a former lame label that has actually been putting out goodness recently), the new generation of Israeli techno/tech-house now even have their own imprints like Be As One and Supplement Facts well under way. So when we were asked to do an interview for Shebrew Magazine we knew just what to do, give our lovely Jewish ladies (and all you people too thanks to association) just what they were waiting for: TECHNO. So one last time for the slow ones, all the tracks on this mix are by or remixed by Israelis (look it up on discogs if you dont believe us) and MAZEL-TOV!

1. Soulclap! Slach-Nu Intro
2. Chaim – Dana (Guy Gerber Mix)
3. Zidan Style, Chaim and K300 – Bedolff (Guy Gerber Remix)
4. Shlomi Aber ft. Lemon – Moods (Gel Abril Deep Involved Mix)
5. Guy Gerber and Chaim – Beaches
6. Gel Abril – Very Wrong (Chaim Remix)
7. Guy Gerber – Shayn
8. Thugfucker – Blatant Promotion (Guy Gerber and Hadas Reshuffle Mix)
9. Paul Nazca – Legende (Guy Gerber and Chaim Remix)
10. Shlomi Aber – Freakside (Gel Abril Acid Rework)
11. Shlomi Aber – Freakside (Original Mix)
12. Itamar Sagi – Dreams Theater
13. Guy Gerber – Belly Dancing
14. Itamar Sagi, Gel Abril – Weird BAO
15. Chaim – Cosa Nostra
16. REshuffle – Paparatzi
17. Chaim – Genesis
18. Shlomi Aber – Tel Aviv Garden (Shlomi Twisted Dub)
19. Gel Abril and Itamar Sagi – Sparta
20. Guy J – Agent Blue
21. Guy Gerber – The Pilgrim
22. Ubu – Pixels (Guy Gerber Late Check Out Remix)
23. Chaim – Carolin
24. Guy Gerber and Shlomi Aber – After Love
25. Gamma Rox – Mystical

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast
Episode 20: Tel Aviv Limited – The All Israeli Mix

Technical Difficulties

Sorry on no posts recently, we’re having stupid server issues that have made life suck for the last week. We’ll be posting a few things on and off when we can, but we’ll drop the new-newness as soon as we sort things out. We promise!

Soulclap! presents Blake Baxter CANCELED


bad news. due to circumstances beyond our control Blake Baxter will not be able to perform. we’re so sorry. believe us we’re more disappointed then you.

Haunted Estate w/ Felix Da Housecat, Soulclap! & Hearthrob

felix da housecat boston soulclap hearthrob

Felix da Housecat “Virgo Blaktro & the Movie Disco” record release party

Halloween Night, October 31st, 2007 // 10PM – 2AM
Haunted Estate
The Estate, One Boylston Place, Boston

Get Tickets From FutureClassic Now!

Tickets are on a will-call basis. You will be admitted by your name at the door. You do not need a physical ticket.

Visit the Haunted Estate for Halloween featuring Felix da Housecat, Soul Clap, and Hearthrob.

Felix Da Housecat
Chicago based two-time Grammy Award nominated DJ/Producer/Remixer and innovator of the Electro sound, Felix da Housecat is a true international superstar. This night will celebrate the release of his seventh artist album “Virgo Blaktro & the Movie Disco”.

With Soul Clap and Hearthrob

The Estate One Boylston Place, Boston

Space Disco Superheroes starring Soul Clap & The XylophoneTamborineCowbells at RISE AFTERHOURS

soul clap at rise boston afterhours party

Yes. We are back in the Rise lounge for outerspace afterhours beats. Don’t forget to bring your XylophoneTangerineCowbells so you can play along!

Rise is usually members only, but cause we’re co-pilots you can RSVP to get in on our passenger list…

Rise Afterhours is located at 306 Stuart Street – Boston. It’s 18+ and is open from 1:30a-7:00a. Here is a map:

View Larger Map