Unofficial Boston House/Techno Week Part 1

mothership connection - tanner ross + italoboyz
The Mothership Connection (Marco Italo, Tanner Ross, Fede Italo)

So I’m almost recovered from the first weekend of unofficial Boston house/techno week and here are is a quick recap for you out-of-towners/lame-ass-Boston-mofos-that-complain-that-nothing-ever-goes-on-
and-then-don’t-even-go-out-for-our-biggest-week-ever. Farina on Friday at Rise Afterhours was packed out, however he played the same jacking deep house he’s been playing for at least 7 years and when he dropped a remix of this, I had to leave. Apparently the place was packed til at least 5am so that’s a good thing for Boston, but it’s clear that people here are stuck in like 2003 at the latest.

There were alot of zombie’s out Saturday, but even Underworld & Digweed in Boston couldn’t fill the 5,500 capacity Bank of America Pavilion on Saturday (only around 1,200 people showed up, which is still amazing for this city). I wasn’t about to miss the first electronic music event at Boston’s biggest outdoor concert space, even though we live in puritan land and it only went to 11pm. When we showed up at like 7:30, Digweed was playing spaced out dopeness to like 200 people, ridiculous. But by the time the headliners went on at 9:30 all 1,200 people in there were up front going nuts, so it was still an amazing show. But of course there were NO COOL AFTERPARTIES!

Sunday was the biggest disappointment of the bunch. First, Charlie’s car overheated while going to pick Italoboyz up and dudes and their agent (big thanks to Tania from Play Kula) had to rent a car and drive up from New York, which would have been fine…but so few people showed up that even the 100 person capacity Phoenix Landing looked empty. It was all good cause Tanner’s opening set was heatrocks and Italoboyz play the most tripped out minimal with little voices and opera samples and everyone in the spot went nuts, but come on Boston, a showing like this for Pig&Dan tomorrow night and we quit bringing you the best future music in the world…for real.