EEEYO! For all of you who made it out to Dancing On The Charles part 3 THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! We had a new record attendance of over 350 dumb fresh, stupidly dope, terribly outstanding party monsters who made this last Saturday one of the best parties I’ve EVER DJed in Boston. If you didnt make it out this weekend, SHAME ON YOU!!! Bad party monster, BAD! You missed so much, from the perfect weather to the perfect BBQ to the perfect DJ sets from KC Hallet, Matty Diamond, Cnyce aka Cnizzle aka “A Better Jew Than You” aka “Where’s Eli?”, Sergio Santos, Tanner Ross and our secret DJ…. drum roll… Dirtybird Records own JUSTIN MUTHAFUNKIN MARTIN!

Ok, so sit down for this one, we messed up again and lost the recording, AGAIN! I know, someone was having too much fun and decided to unplug the power a couple times… I know, it must have been a fun thing to do, especially with everyone so into the music and everything… So, we’ll try again NEXT TIME, on SEPTEMBER 22nd, when we host the LAST DANCING ON THE CHARLES party of summer 2007, we’ll have to find another spot for the winter, any ideas?

Right, so if you have any pics from the party (or the after party!) please send ’em so we can post online! Sorry we cant have Yubi-quality this time… Oh and yes, if you’re wondering, this dude DID jump in the Charles River… He wins the award for most hardcore, maximum respect to that guy! Check the rest of the pictures here.