Song Of The Summer X Siedah Garrett

If you don’ know. “I Want Your Soul” by Armand is probably the song of summer ’07 (it killed France for us). And now there’s a video that takes it back to 1992.

Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul

But, the song it sampled has an even better video. Shit is from 1985 and was on the soundtrack to Fast Forward so the dance moves are crazzz. The chick Siedah Garrett is seriously/prolific dope too. She wrote a grip of Michael Jackson songs and other hits, was in The Brand New Heavies and most importantly wrote and featured on Dennis Edwards‘ seminal garage classic “Don’t Look Any Further”. But the best part? This one is produced and mixed by the one and only Jellybean Benitez. Yowza!

Siedah Garrett – Do You Want It Right Now

Shout outs to Ligz for the heads up on the O.G. video!