Hollis P. Monroe’s All-Time Top 20

flowers – armand van heldon feat. roland clark [I first heard Josh Wink play this at Fluid in Philly and it brought me to the verge of tears.]
i can’t believe i loved her – peven everett [Peven is the producer i wish i was. This is the song i wish i wrote.]
nobody else – ce ce peniston [Ce Ce Peniston and Steve Hurley are definitely going to heaven for this. Gospel house at it’s finest and funkiest.]
around the world – daft punk [I purposely never play this song so that it’s there when i REALLY need it. Instant mood swing.]
dominator (joey beltram mix) – human resource [Hardcore fun. What else can be said.]
music sounds better – stardust [Yeah, i said it and i wish somebody would try to call me on it.]
gabrielle – roy davis jr featuring pevin everett [If this song doesn’t touch you somewhere deep down inside, you and I can’t be friends.]
cascades of color – ananda project [I remember Deep C and Udoh running two copies of this the first time i heard it.� They just kept playing the a cappella part over and over for about five minutes. When they finally let the beat drop in, i felt chills. One of these days i’m gonna work with Gaielle. i’m not ready yet.]
the horns of jerico – the prodigy [the experience album was basically the soundtrack of my raver days]
a stronger man – ben watt featuring sananda maitreya (terence trent d’arby) [This is the best use of a terrance trent d’arby sample… next to you know what. : )]
i’m lonely – hollis p monroe [This song is special to me because it seems to touch some people in a way beyond just making them want to dance. It seems to trigger memories and emotions and I’m constantly amazed at the effect it’s had on certain people. For everyone else, it’s just damn good track.]
this is goodbye (deeper mix) – hollis p monroe [Although I made the deep (original) mix about three or four years before it’s actual release, i made this deeper mix at the last minute instead of just putting some “throw-away” track on the other side as i had originally planned. it was one of my better decisions.]
don’t stop – brazilian girls [i don’t know why. i just love this song.]
sure thing – st. germain [This song comes on, my hands go up.]
all that you give – cinematic orchestra [Come on, now…. Pure soul]
let this – ayro [Another one i can’t pinpoint why. I think it’s because it sounds so dry and raw. It’s just very pleasing to my ears.]
destination – ananda project [This song convinces me that Chris Brann and I are soul brothers]
worlds – passion dance orchestra [I first heard this on my friend Mello D’s mix cd and i forced my mother to listen to it over and over again, almost the entire way to New York.]
brand new day – little louie vega featuring blaze [I was fortunate enough to be at the Keep Hope Alive recording session and I’m still kicking myself for not getting in that picture with all those legends. It’s all good though, because during a break, Josh Milan from Blaze got on the grand piano and performed this song for just for me. literally, just for me…]
just about any song written by – prince [There are TONS of tracks I could have added to this list and I had planned to stick to all electronic stuff but to not include Prince would just be wrong. I think his musical influence on me is quite evident when you listen to my stuff and if I don’t acknowledge him… well, it would just be wrong.]