SWEAT w/ Peanut Butter Wolf @ GoodLife

SWEAT Thursdays at The Goodlife continues its guest DJ series with a very special appearance from Stones Throw Records label founder and acclaimed DJ/recording artist/producer Peanut Butter Wolf.

Chris Manak took on the name Peanut Butter Wolf in the late-80s when he realized that, in an odd turn of events, a girlfriend’s youngest brother feared the “peanut butter wolf monster” more than death itself. PB Wolf began recording in 1989 as a teenager within a few years had himself a record contract with Hollywood Basic (Disney) alongside label mates Organized Konfusion and DJ Shadow. PB Wolf’s career had begun, tours in Europe, press in Billboard magazine, hanging with the big boys and live concerts with groups like House of Pain, Nas and The Pharcyde, it was show time.

PB Wolf’s true notoriety wasn’t born until early in 1994, when Upstairs Records, a label known primarily for house music, approached PB Wolf to record an instrumental LP. Aptly titled Peanut Butter Breaks, this record became the PB Wolf’s calling card, leading to meetings and collaborations with like-minded DJs like Q-bert, Cut Chemist and Rob Swift. Overnight, PB Wolf found himself in demand as a producer and continued to release highly praised material steadily throughout the 90’s.

Lately, PB Wolf has moved away from producing (save the odd remix or compilation track) to build the Stones Throw label and to travel as a DJ to Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and across the US (and now to BOSTON, Woo-hoo!).

In terms of DJ sets, PB Wolf is known to perform entire sets off 45’s (those are the records with the big holes in them that DJs spend live saving on and your mom has hidden in a box in the attic) and take an audience on a journey of heady deep disco, boogie, funk, soul, hip-hop, breaks, electro, the WORKS.

SWEAT is twice a month on Thursday. SWEAT is 21+. There is NO COVER when it is just Soul Clap. There will be a cover when we have special guest pilots. SWEAT is at GoodLife. GoodLife is at 28 Kingston Street, in the financial district, Boston, MA, USA, Earth. Here is a map. All are welcome as long as you’re ready to SWEAT.