Soul Clap presents: SWEAT @ GoodLife

The Soul Clap Mothership is touching down again. This time in a new place and it’s happening twice a month. It’s called SWEAT because we make girls shake their butts and dudes say “ooooooh”. It’s at GoodLife, because everyone on earth knows that that’s the spot. Sometimes it’s just Soul Clap, other times it’s other people too. It’s always about DANCE MUSIC like house, techno, garage, breaks, electro, funk, disco, hardcore, jungle and classic whatever.

April 12th is the first time and it’s with Soul Clap & Mistaker. Mistaker runs the Brilliant Mistake. He plays uptempo dance and electronic music, especially baile funk, baltimore club, electro and BIG BEAT.

On April 26th we welcome back J-BOOGIE as guest pilot on the Mothership. J-Boogie is from The Yay Area. He makes dope future soul and funk music with a twist of house. He’s a major player at OM Records, The United Nations of Future Music. He manned the controls for us at The Zoo last August and at Legends of Style last October. We hope you’re glad to have him back too. There will be a $5 cover tonight.

SWEAT is twice a month on Thursday. SWEAT is 21+. There is NO COVER when it is just Soul Clap. There will be a cover when we have special guest pilots. SWEAT is at GoodLife. GoodLife is at 28 Kingston Street, in the financial district, Boston, MA, USA, Earth. Here is a map. All are welcome as long as you’re ready to SWEAT.