Episode 55: No Regular Play’s Dedication To Onno

Something for the weekend… Something to get you excited for No Regular Play’s Boston debut with Soul Clap at Midweek Techno next Wednesday (7/15/09)… Something…

…that I think we’ve been waiting for since we met these crazy faukers earlier this year, but they’re so busy being amazing that it took a little while for them to get it to us. Needless to say, it was well worth the wait. Can you say perfect mix of deep, wierd, house, techno, vocals, grooves, whatever? Can you say beautiful? The mix is dedicated to their friend Connor aka Onno, who runs the Cut&Mistake blog, appeared on their 1st EP and got hit by a car while they were getting it ready. Thankfully he’s doing fine now, but this one goes out to him!

If you don’t know already, No Regular Play, or NRP (like NPR, but with the P and the R switched, I know you saw the stickers in Miami and Deetroit) for short, is the duo of Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota (of all places) they moved to NYC awhile ago and are now part of this new generation of American producers that are turning dance music on its head. Their boundary pushing and amazingly wierd yet groovey Blonde Juan EP was released last year on Wolf + Lamb to worldwide acclaim and they’re New Rhythm EP drops in the next couple months (complete with Soul Clap remix :). They do a dope live said and obviously from this mix can DJ like nobody’s business too. Get to swimming friends 🙂

I asked Greg if he had anything else wanted to tell his adoring fans and he said, “Thank you and good night.”

waajeed- scales / nick drake – way to blue
woolfy – two far gone
isolee – albacares / von sudenfed – dear dead friends
claude von stroke – aundy
greg paulus – what’s mine is yours
no regular play – things i know (for mike)
no regular play – owe me
hot natured – electric jones
greg paulus & gadi mizrahi – just one night
levon vincent – i owe you everything

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 55:
No Regular Play’s Dedication To Onno