Soul Clap Watergate 19 Mix Out Now!

Crustacean Love! WGate19 is out now!

Our relationship with Watergate started back in 2009 when we were on our first Euro tour and Heidi booked us at the legendary Berlin venue for her first Jackathon party ever. Since then we’ve played the club every year and hosted our DJ Kicks, EFUNK Album and Crew Love release parties there. Mornings on the Waterfloor with the sun shining through the curtains have some of the best vibes in the world and we tried to capture them on our mix for the 19th edition of their ongoing CD series. The vinyl only session was recorded live this July at one of their infamous open air parties in Rummeslburg and it’s OUT NOW! This project is straight from the heart and we hope you feel the magic as much as we do 🙂

Catching Up On Mixes

So you probably noticed that we disappeared from the blog for awhile. Basically our hosting company (1and1, never use them, they suck) has a limit on the size of databases they host and no way to get more space. The timing was horrible and we didn’t have time to fix it before euro-tour so we could only keep you up to date on facebook and twitter while we were gone (both worth checking, but not as in depth as the blog). Well we’ve finally got our hosting sorted and now we can spend the next week updating the blog on everything that’s gone down since the end of August when it died. We just posted our animated interview with Heidi and last week got a new podcast episode up of part 1 (of 3) of our 4 hour set in Leeds.

Now here are a couple more recordings of our sets from tour for your listening pleasure. Here’s the first 45 minutes of our debut performance at Watergate in Berlin for Heidi’s Jackathon party as posted on the Bodytonic Podcast. Plus below you’ll find a nice chunk of our set at Pygmalion Club in Dublin. Enjoy and stay tuned to the podcast and our soundcloud page for more mixes coming soon…

Live at Pygmalion Club, Dublin by Soul Clap