ROOTS&FUTURE4 – Todd Terje

It’s surprising how much my music tastes change with the seasons. Winter is techno time, I want my beats dark and moody when it’s snowing and cold outside. Then summer hits and it’s all about headie funk and house (for more on the coming of summer and it’s influence on dance music sounds check undomundo’s Summer Styles post). So you guessed it, summer in Boston is here and it’s time for sunny music. Except who would expect it to come from Norway, I mean, they’re way up north? I’m not sure why, but Norwegians have been spearheading the whole space disco thing for a minute now with dudes like Prins Thomas and Lindstr�m at the forefront. So it’s no suprise that Oslo native Todd Terje aka Tangoterje is making killer new disco jams, but while Thomas and Lindstr�m specialize in dubbed out funk rockers, Mr. Terje goes right for the beach and hits with serious summer soundtracks. I think I’m kind of behind on this guy because he’s been doing his thing since 2004 (with edits on G.A.M.M., Supreme and Ballroom all establishing him as a master of his trade and original tracks on Bear Funk and Full Pupp solidifying his rep), but the sound of Terje is the sound of now, especially with summer here. Hear for yourself…

Studio – Life’s A Beach! (Todd Terje Beach House Remix) DOWNLOAD
This is Terje’s latest work and it’s my official anthem for summer ’07 for reals. Studio are Swedish and that’s about all I know about that. You can buy their releases here.

Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It (Tangoterje Edit) DOWNLOAD
Masterful edit of an overlooked MJ jam that was released on the Tangterje EP on G.A.M.M. in 2005. Check the drums on the extendo breakdown. G.A.M.M. is the bootleg/edit off-shoot of Raw Fusion Recordings and you can’t buy ’em digital so get the vinyl here.

Double – Woman of the World (Tangoterje Edit) DOWNLOAD
Another stellar edit, this time of a Double track from 1984, which was released on Supreme in ’04. In 2006 he released his amazing Diamonds Dub on Supreme, so buy that one (and alot of other Terje tracks) here.