Bonus Episode: The Stalker Mixtape with Nick Monaco


In honor of Nick Monaco’s The Stalker EP, which just dropped on Soul Clap Records, we present to you a creepy selection of stalker jams selected and mixed by Nick and us.

Soul Clap & Tanner Ross – The Shady Shades
Seth Troxler & Patrick Russell – Dr. Of Romance
Sax – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me (Halloween Mix)
Nick Monaco – The Stalker (Soul Clap’s American Tribal Remix)
Sextravaganza – (I Want To) Take You Home
Green Velvet – The Stalker (Losin My Mind)
Eddy Grant – Time Warp (Instrumental)
Lil Louis & The World – I Called U
George Clinton – R&B Skeletons (In The Closet)
Ministry – Primental
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Bass Line Mix)
Soul Clap – Twist
Bam Bam – Animal Atraction (Dynamic Guvnors Remix)
The Beat Club – Security
Model 500 – Night Drive (Through Babylon)
The Quick – Zulu (Instrumental Version)
PillowTalk – Meet Me In The Dark
Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Bonus Episode: The Stalker Mixtape

OUT NOW: Nick Monaco – The Stalker EP [SCR1206]



Words from The Clap:
Soul Clap Records’ resident butterfly spreads his colorful wings revealing The Stalker EP, a body of truly sophisticated music. Written at home in his San Rafael studio Nick Monaco combines his vision for dance music futurism with his roots in 90’s pop and psychedelic rock. The result is three wild and original songs: “The Stalker”, a psychedelic dance with a sonic theme, “Boy Meets World”, a throwback 90’s party jam that channels Deee-Lite and would make Malcolm McLaren smile from the heavens, and “Night Shift” a smooth bass driven deep house groove, brimming with creativity and only available on the vinyl. To round out the EP we call in remix contributions from ourselves (Soul Clap) on the classic New York tribal house tip; Boston Crew Love representative Tanner Ross on his signature spaced out hip-hop tip, and French G-Funk futurist Wadz on that gangsta tip.

Here’s the scoop from Nick Monaco himself:
“I was visited by my muses one ordinary evening in my studio just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Feeling distant from characterless electronic sounds, they let live drums and real instruments be the backbone of the instrumental, feeling inspired by Laid Back and Dire Straits, I added my vocal. Only a few hours later,  The Stalker came to life like Frankenstein, eager to creep into your soul and amuse.   The b-side “Boy Meets World,” is a response to “Naked Is My Nature,” my first ep on Soul Clap Records, which saw a young boy spilling his heart on wax. After nearly a year of touring all over the world, my cocoon has been cracked and the butterfly is spreading his wings. Nice to meet you, young world.”