Eli’s G-Funk Mix

G-Funk Volume 3!

Just in time for a laid back summer BBQ, Bamboozle AKA Eli cooks up a G-Funk mix for The Genevan Heathan & Arnaud D’s mixtape series… enjoy!

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The 10-volume G-FUNK ANTHOLOGY mixtape series celebrates the music genre known as G-Funk: classics, rarities and remixes from gangsta funk superstars, regional heroes and obscure geniuses. While it mainly (and logically) focuses on artists from Southern California, expect necessary nods to Mob Music from the Bay Area as well as mid-90s Down South & Midwest escapades.

OUT NOW: The Genevan Heathen – Love My Life

The Genevan Heathen - Love My Life


From the man who once compared EFUNK The Mixtape to a “triple-breasted female terminator from the future” comes Love My Life, retro-future pop gold served with cheese on top. Stephan Armleder aka The Genevan Heathen, who has appeared on Soul Clap Records before with his cover of Egyptian Lover’s The Alzeby Inn, is a frenzy of word play, cult status and dapper dress. Here he invites background vocalist Amy Douglas and takes us out for a day in the Heathen life:

In The Heathens words:

“It’s all in the title. It’s about loving your life, loving yourself, loving the people who matter to you. It’s like a little postcard from heaven. I wrote this song under the influence of the most amazing woman I have ever met – a woman who taught me how to enjoy the good times and learn from the bad times.

If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear mentions of multiple women – it’s fun to live vicariously through songs, it’s like looking back at your life like it was a movie, adding that extra Hollywood spice to it. But at the end of the day, all the ladies in the song are just various incarnations of the same woman, real love.

I originally wrote it to a loop by my friend Goon Kid back in Geneva, and later on Tim Wagner of Dither Down fame made a whole new instrumental for it and gave it that 80s movie end credits vibe I love so much. It’s just feel-good music to enjoy life to!”

On remix duty, Soul Clap transforms the tempo and vibe into a dance groove guaranteed to get the juices flowing like a glass of funky cold medina.

Soul Clap X Fairtilzer

Shout to Nite Rider for the artwork

The homey Judd aka big ballin in the M.I.A. has been yelling about The Genevan Heathen for awhile now and it’s hard not to feel that Heathen Swagger once you check Rambo’s music and musings. But it wasn’t until we linked up last month on his Fairtilizer project that the family could really sit down and have a feast. What’s Fairtilizer? Oh it’s just “Amplified Word of Mouth”, a website created by some of Geneva’s top musical movers (also including the head of Mental Groove Records) to share, listen and promote music, and Soul Clap are now the official Boston representatives. So far we’ve posted our tracks there and gotten an overwhelming response and also some great exposure for other Boston artists too (so if you have music and you’re from Boston then get at us). In fact we’ve gotten along so well with those swiss guys that they asked us to contribute a playlist to the site, so we did, and now it’s online for your listening pleasure. You can listen to it on the player below or just goto Fairtilizer and check it in person.