Sunday School Best Tees

If you’ve been to WMC, you know that Sunday School (formerly For Degenerates) is an institution. From it’s early days at Pawn Shop (RIP) to the last 3 years of sunshine (and a little rain) at Ice Palace everyone looks forward to this party to end all parties. We’ve blogged a couple times about the party, firstĀ predicting the return of house music after we first attended in 2008 and then posting our set from our first performance last year, so when we were asked to review the event again, of course we were down. The only question was how to bring the Clap flavor to the report. Obviously you don’t just want to listen to us talk about how amazing Josh Wink’s closing set was (it was amazing BTW, all house classics!), you want to look at pictures, but pictures of what? Well you know we love t-shirts and everyone brings their A-game to Sunday School so what better theme than our favorite t-shirts from the day. Boy were there some fun ones, check our top 10 below and for the rest hit our flickr.

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