Episode 70: Live at Sunday School For Degenerates

When we first made it to Made Event‘s now legendary WMC closing bash 4 years ago we we’re completely blown away. The party was still at the now defunct (and sorely missed) Pawn Shop parking lot and I’m pretty sure Sunday School was the only day of the year they opened up out there, so it was really special. It was basically way too packed with the hot ass sun cooking your ass while getting absolutely mental to the most upfront house/techno DJs in the world and boy did it leave a lasting impression. While, some people complained when the event moved to Ice Palace in ’09, I think the added grassyness and extra space outside made the new digs an even more fun place to party, plus having the inside area in a massive warehouse space is the perfect environment for slamming Adam Beyer style techno.

Needless to say, when we were asked to play Sunday School this year we were totally honored and blown away and when we found out we got the 9:30-11am outside set time we were even more excited. If you know us, you know this is pretty much our dream gig and time slot, so we immediately got to work preparing the perfect set to reach the more techno oriented crowd, but still showcase our unique sound. Saturday night we hit the sack super early, got up fresh at 6am, hit Latin Cafe 2000 for breakfast sandwiches and Cuban coffee and headed down to get in the morning time vibes. It was a bit cloudy all day but there were some amazing moments when the floaty jams brought out the sun, the crowd response was beyond anything we could have imagined and we even ended up with this here awesome recording to share with everyone! Most of all, thanks to the entire Made Event team for being super pro, all our friends for getting up early/staying up late and smiling and going crazy in front of the booth, Zoe for being Ms America, DJ T for dancing on stage the whole time and of course Betty Kang. We can’t do it without all yalls support 🙂

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 70: Soul Clap Live at Sunday School For Degenerates