THE NINETIES 2 – Early Subliminal

Before he was a superstar meathead favorite Erik “More” Morillo was another young gun at Strictly Rhythm, where producing under too many aliases to name he carved out a niche as one of the best club house producers around (more on this another time), and that’s without mentioning his work as Reel 2 Real. What I’m talking about right now is what happened after that. In 1997 he founded Subliminal. Yeah that Subliminal. They may release annoying Diddy dance tracks now, but when the label started they put out some serious rave/club classics that cannot be overlooked, especially with the current resurgence of all things rave. AND this is a quadruple+ bonus post too, not just the usual 3 tracks, because this is probably all I have to say about Subliminal. In backwards order:

Babe Instinct – Disco Babes From Outer Space (Original Mix) DOWNLOAD
Babe Instinct – Disco Babes From Outer Space (“Choo-Choo” vs The Pianoheadz Dub) DOWNLOAD
Actually, this whole post was inspired by hearing a remix of this song on Alexander Robotnick’s Resident Advisor podcast. I think Subliminal wasn’t actually the first label to release this terrible/awesome rave smasher, but it’s label I got it and rinsed it on in 1998. The original was the track on here, but looking back, the dub which brought together all the label’s dominant forces (Harry “Choo-Choo” Romero, Jose Nu�ez & Morillo), might be better now. One more thing: it’s freaking co-produced by Praga Khan. What?!

The Pianoheadz – Distortion (Choo Choo’s Trifling Bitch Mix)
The Pianoheadz – Distortion (Raw Demo Mix) DOWNLOAD
SUB 3 was released in ’98. The Raw Demo mix is a HUGE breakdown machine, but Choo Choo’s mix has that infectious loop and tripped out electronic sound that did it in the morning time.

Da Mob ft. Jocelyn Brown – Fun (Mongofun Dub)
Da Mob ft. Jocelyn Brown – Fun (Sneak’s Big Fun Mix) DOWNLOAD
Da Mob ft. Jocelyn Brown – Fun (Basement Jaxx Mongoloid Dub) DOWNLOAD
SUB 1 was released in 1997 and brought together the all-star production team of DJ Sneak, Morillo & Nunez with house diva Brown on vocals. It’s not my favorite vocal tune ever, but the dubs are retarded. The Mongofun Dub subtracts Sneak and adds Junior Sanchez and Romero to the mix, for a speed garage bassline jammer. Sneak’s mix sees the disco loop don doing what he does best (hold up mister man). The Jaxx Dub makes it clear why they blew the fuck up in the late 90’s. This is chopped vocal, swing beat, bass explosion, absolute mayhem that sounds like Switch could have done it yesterday. There’s also bonus beats, a full vocal version, and Todd Edwards and DJ Krust mixes, but you gotta hunt down the vinyl if you want those. I can’t give everything away.