ROOTS&FUTURE2 – Shahrokh SoundOfK


For the second edition of the ROOTS&FUTURE series I’d like to introduce Shahrokh SoundOfK, a production team out of Germany (of course) with a sound very much along the similar vibe lines of Ame. This is probably due to the fact that EVERY TUNE was mixed/engineered by Andreas Sch�rpp who is the man behind the man for Ame and responsibile for mixing/engineering every tune Ame released since the Safari / Hydrolic Dog 12″ in 2003, which appears to be pretty much EVERYTHING (please someone correct me if I’m wrong).

The music is funk, tech, deepness, dripping with reverb and that signature Sonar Kollektiv style kick that seems to stick to the floor with every hit. These tunes are so right, I can’t even explain how good it feels to discover this music.

The main producers are Andreas K�hler (aka Andy Fabulous, aka Sound Of K) and DJ Shahrokh (aka Shahrokh Dini) who have just dropped their second release on Compost Records, working together as Shahrokh SoundOfK titled “Compost Black Label #18: Chicago EP”. Check out these tunes, I guarantee you’ll be rinsing them from now on.

Shahrokh SoundOfK – Owlflight DOWNLOAD

Shahrokh SoundOfK – Love Happen DOWNLOAD

Shahrokh SoundOfK – Physiology DOWNLOAD