Episode 90: Tanner Ross In The Shady Shores

Tanner Ross, Tanner Black, T-Rex, the list goes on and on, but nicknames only begin to describe our love affair with our favorite person to ever be born in New Jersey. So it’s hard to believe thatΒ the last time Mr. Ross graced the Adventures of Soul Clap was all the way back in December 2007, but it really has been almost 4 years since he turned out this deep, dark mix of techno and house jams. Just compare the tracklist of that mix with this one and it’s obvious how much has changed. Way back then we didn’t even have a record out, but Tanner already had a ton of releases under his belt and that was even before his Voodeux project blew up on Mothership Records. We basically spent the next 2 years trying to catch up and finally got on the level to work on music together in 2009, which became our S.E.C.T. project. The last year has seen us take our game to the next level, but as we’ve spread our wings, it’s always been important for us to bring our homies up too and we’ve been lucky enough do just that with Tanner as he signed to Wolf + Lamb and tours Europe with us on Geist Agency.

Now, the whole story comes full circle with a Tanner Ross & Soul Clap EP due out on Wolf + Lamb this month. It’s called the Shady Shores EP because we wrote or finished the music together during our retreat last winter in Miami Shores, which became known as Shady Shores for reasons that will go unmentioned πŸ˜‰ While Tanner didn’t make this mix there, it’s a mix inspired by our time together in different places. From years in Boston, to sessions in Miami, to the last month of mayhem at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, this is music that we listen to when we’re just hanging out, playing ping-pong or J’n-Oh. It’s the soundtrack to life, love and family being together worked together by a DJ at the top of his game. Welcome to Tanner’s world…

Thanks Tanner! We love you πŸ™‚

Willie Hutch – Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme [ Foxy Brown: Music From The Original Soundtrack ]
Bluewave Edits – What My Last Girl Put Me Through [ Wolf + Lamb Black ]
Hype Williams – Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior
Slick Rick – Teenage Love [ The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick ]
Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
Fugees – Fu-Gee-La ( Sly & Robbie Mix )
Tonto Irie – It A Ring
Rampi , Miss Bee – Feel It Burn
Tiger & Woods – Curb Your Heart
Dam Funk – The Sky Is Ours [ Stones Throw ]
Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love [Dub]
Catz N Dogz – A Long Way [ Tanner Ross E-Funk mix ]
Prince – 17 Days

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 90: Tanner Ross In The Shady Shores