Episode 80: S.A.S Ice Cold Mix

You’ve probably all realized by now that we really love edits. Unfortunately, with the trend getting so popular, our ears have been bombarded with some pretty terrible renditions, both of songs that were already perfect and don’t need any editing, and of songs that are so bad they never needed to be reborn. Enter S.A.S, two guys from Birmingham (Adam Shelton & Subb-an) who caught our ear this year by making totally unique and totally party rocking edits of some of our favorite and forgotten jams from the past. We met Adam at our gig at Motion and he introduced himself by giving us a copy of Tashan’s “Chasin’ A Dream” LP, because we put one of the tracks on a podcast. Anyone who gives us a classic vinyl when we first met clearly knows his shit so we asked him to give us a podcast, and of course he delivered with a dope mix full of edits, samples and a wide range of jams that defines these boys sound. Git it!

1. marky star & the acid orchestra / dork-a-pella
2. romanthony & dj predator / funky flava
3. simon baker / get through
4. falty dl / all in the place
5. the dynamic duo / in the pocket ( hip house mix )
6. kimiesha holmes / love me true ( true love mix )
7. cloudmasterweed/ com’on’join’us ( drivetrain’s black tie mix )
8. coro / where are you tonight
9. bucci,pink elln / mavis 350 ( the mole – who is a pimp lapointe mix )
10. s.a.s / give it dub
11. samin & michael / out of sight
12. antwon faulkner / funky negro ( dj t 1000’s back to the old school remake )
13. anthony mansfield, nick chacona / burning sensations
14. s.a.s / you gotta think
15. hokus pokus / house it up
16. s.a.s / in the candy store
17. s.a.s / ghetto mother’s
18. s.a.s / straight off the bone
19. jimpster / love you better ( jesse rose mix )
20. paul johnson / hear the music

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 80: S.A.S Ice Cold Mix