Our New 7” Reviewed For All Our Frenchies

We were Reviewed by Tsugi!

If you parlez francais, peep the sweet words Tsugi Magazine gave our new 7″ for Bastard Jazz recordings above! The language of the e-funk is universal, though, so…


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NEWS&NOTES: An Eruption For The Ages

Snoop does house on his new single: Sexual Eruption

Hope you enjoyed the fresh dose of 90’s house/technoness last week. Things are crazy busy on the mothership these days, so posts and podcasts have been tough to come by, but don’t worry we’ll keep the goodies (and there are alot of ’em in the works) coming just as fast as we can. For now here’s a quick update on what’s going on in our galaxy.

But before we get to the official transmission let’s start with that Snoop Dogg video up there. If you had asked me my thoughts about Snoop a couple months back I already would have told you that the Doggfather is probably the most underrated musician of the 00’s. It seems that just because he is such a pop icon people totally underestimate his music, but check 04’s R&G or 06’s Blue Carpet Treatment and you’ll find a unique sound that bridges the gap between 80’s funk and r&b and future hip-hop, soul and electronic and sets Snoop apart from any other artists of today. Like those albums weren’t enough, his new single explores unexplored territories for Snoop with it’s balearic house strings while taking the funk/r&b throwback to the next level (especially in the video) and the result is an absolute masterpiece. Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

Monegros Desert Festival

On Saturday right before we left Europe we went to a festival in the desert outside Barcelona called Monegros. 40,000 people we’re there to wild out from 5pm Saturday til 2pm Sunday with 7 tents of TECHNO MUSIC. It was by far the biggest rave I’ve been to in my life.

Here’s Charlie’s play-by-play.
Click the links to see the videos. Here (Frequency 7 who played BANGING techno at like 9am) and here (Derrick May who beats it like no other) are 2 highlights that Charlie didn’t mention. You can also see my pics here.

Chazshabaz: <ding>
Sergio Santos: Rave!!!
Sergio Santos: You must be psyched
Chazshabaz: There playin deetron, dominic euylberg in 15. I’m gonna give you the play by play
Chazshabaz: Its too early for this shit. Maybe minimal.

Chazshabaz: Funk 1
Sergio Santos: Ak 47
Sergio Santos: Dominic will be ill
Sergio Santos: What’s funk 1 and what’s that pic of
Chazshabaz: Funkyion one big sound. Dom is nize got =) 5 euro!
Sergio Santos: word!
Sergio Santos: =D
Sergio Santos: Saw all the pics looks amazing

Chazshabaz: Ken ishii, got more 😉 and some funny stuff :p
Sergio Santos: <ding>
Chazshabaz: Geiser, got chocolate
Sergio Santos: Just sent you lineup for the whole night in every tent
Sergio Santos: Yeah I would stay there @ ishii and listen to dave Clarke after
Sergio Santos: ?
Sergio Santos: You get my email
Chazshabaz: Going to model 500
Chazshabaz: <ding>
Sergio Santos: Dave Clarke man!
Chazshabaz: Found yellow =) on ground

Sergio Santos: Nize
Sergio Santos: They don’t know how to mix though
Chazshabaz: Ha! Its tru
Chazshabaz: Met Molly
Sergio Santos: Its on now
Chazshabaz: Ha wee!
Chazshabaz: Snoop is late
Sergio Santos: Ha!
Sergio Santos: Of course he stoned
Chazshabaz: Dave Clarke, 140 bpm
Sergio Santos: Oh yeah
Sergio Santos: Bangin techno!
Chazshabaz: Troy prierce!

Chazshabaz: Life soundtrack
Sergio Santos: Jorvis live! Nize
Chazshabaz: Hell yeah
Sergio Santos: I can’t believe the party your @ right now
Chazshabaz: I can’t either bro
Chazshabaz: Its a circus

Chazshabaz: The orb

Sergio Santos: What!
Sergio Santos: Nize!!! =D
Chazshabaz: <ding>
Chazshabaz: Oops
Chazshabaz: Sven!
Sergio Santos: What!
Sergio Santos: Nize

Chazshabaz: Yes, of course
Chazshabaz: Sven oh sven
Chazshabaz: Derrick Carter is playing sexy back, my official worst DJ
Sergio Santos: Get outa threr
Sergio Santos: Wtf
Sergio Santos: Wack
Sergio Santos: What’s it almost 4 hawtin about to go on then hell in a bit
Chazshabaz: Autechure
Chazshabaz: Yup,
Sergio Santos: You skould are the website for that party next level partying
Sergio Santos: Yeah man there’s a bunch of stuff there I’ve never heard of that’s prob really cool
Chazshabaz: Time for Richie
Sergio Santos: Oh yeah
Sergio Santos: That will be amazing!
Sergio Santos: He’s the fucking man
Chazshabaz: Wha wa we wa!

Chazshabaz: Slam live it’s out of control!
Sergio Santos: Fuckin A!
Chazshabaz: Oh my god, my entire body is in so much pain
Sergio Santos: What up mushie!
Sergio Santos: <ding>
Chazshabaz: Ha
Chazshabaz: I think I’m a monster

Sergio Santos: Nice
Chazshabaz: The inside of my nose and ears are dark black from the desert dirt
Sergio Santos: What time did you leave
Chazshabaz: Right when Stacey pullen started 1030 am
Chazshabaz: I must purify myself in the waters of lake minitawnka
Sergio Santos: Did you are ino and Johnny fed
Chazshabaz: Missed it, I’d rather not talk about it
Sergio Santos: See ino and def?
Sergio Santos: Ha!
Chazshabaz: Its an 8 hour drive,
Sergio Santos: Jesus who’s drivin, ouch!
Chazshabaz: I feel like the dirties pair of socks you have waiting for laundry but forgotten about

Here are our top 3 tracks we heard at Monegros (that we have)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Phil Kieran – I Think I’m A Monster DOWNLOAD
As played by Sven Vath of course. It’s on his label, Cocoon Recording’s new compilation that you can get here.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Aardvark – Cult Copy (2000 And One Mix) DOWNLOAD
As played by the one and only Derrick May at 8am.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Deetron ft. DJ Bone – Life Soundtrack (Radio Slave Remix) DOWNLOAD
As played by DJ Hell. Deetron is on fire right now so buy his music here.