Episode 127: Bamboozle’s BBQ Jamz Volume 3

Happy Holidaze everyone! Whatever it is that you celebrate, we hope that this live recording of Eli’s 45 set from our BBQ at TV Lounge, Detroit back in September will get you in that festive spirit…

“I think I really started playing 45s by accident. Sure I had some reggae riddims on 7” from back in the day, but it wasn’t something I was integrating into Soul Clap sets. Then there was a dope edit I picked up at Turntable Lab back in 2009 that I used to play at The Marcy during warmups. Soon after we started touring Europe and getting to check out amazing record shops like OYE, Phonica and Rush Hour. These shops all had sections dedicated to 45s and I started finding amazing new and re-issued funk that was only available on 7”. Labels like PPU and … became essential purchases, but I also started finding old favorites and weird stuff on 7”. I remember finding a bunch of amazing R&B and soft rock jams at Gramaphone in Chicago and playing a really awkward after party set of only 45s later that night.

“The thing about 45s is that they’re much harder to mix then 12”s. The centers are loose and records are light so you really can’t touch them to adjust the speed. Plus I was playing really eclectic music, so the BPMs didn’t usually match up. 7” mini-sets were great for opening or closing the party, but not when we had to keep it moving. So it wasn’t until our DJ Kicks tour in 2011 when we started playing all night sets, open to close, that 45s became a regular part of our performances. I closed many of those nights with 45s and did a special 7”s of Pleasure set on Beats In Space Radio that’s worth checking.

“Over the next 4 years I kept growing my 7” collection. 45s are a great way to bring a diverse range of records on the road with out breaking my back. I can throw a bag of a hundred 45s over my shoulder and drop a set of funk, disco, hip-hop and reggae on vinyl, which is way more fun than playing classics digitally. But, I still hadn’t figured out how to really hold down my mixes. Then JT Donaldson invited me to play his 45 party in Dallas in March and everything changed! JT and his crew were mixing 45s seamlessly! He showed me Butter Rug 45 slipmats and extra heavy center weights which made mixing 7”s feel just like 12”s. As soon as I got home ordered my own slipmats and weighs and set about BPMing my entire 45 collection, the way I used to have my 12”s when we played open format clubs in the 2000’s. Finally I could confidently play a 45 set and rock the party.

“So for Bamboozle’s BBQ Jam 3 I present a LIVE recording from a real BBQ! The Soul Clap and Paxahau BBQ at TV Lounge in Detroit back in September. Sure there are still some skips and a little sloppiness, but it’s all mixed and it’s as diverse as my previous BBQ Jams. So weather your chilly up north and need to warm up by the fire or heading for summer down south and firing up your grill, this mix is for you.”

Thanks for listening,
-Bamboozle aka Eli Soul Clap

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The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 127: Bamboozle’s BBQ Jamz Volume 3 – Live @ TV Lounge, Detroit