Relive Crew Love Barcelona

Try counting the number of basketball jerseys & jean shorts in this recap of last month’s amazing Crew Love off-Sonar beach party!

Back On Track – DOTC Recap

I don’t think there could be a more appropriate title for this post.

First of all, DOTC returned to the Marsh Post after a brief hiatus, complete with the added visual stimulation of VJ Zebbler on 3 screens (see video above) and more than enough port-o-potties and beer outside to last the night. Pictures are up here (thanks Iris) and here (thanks JK) and as always a super-mega thank you goes out to everyone that came out and danced their asses off. You make us so proud to be able to throw these parties, there is no DOTC without your support!

Second of all, for our next DOTC on July 12th, we’re joined by Boston’s undisputed king of digging and BBE recording artist, DJ Kon of the On Track mixtape series fame. Kon will be playing deep dance music of all kinds from 8-10pm to setup the vibe just right and we’ll be posting some exclusive Kon mixes to get you in the mood the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

Kicking Off The Summer Right!

It’s not official yet, but summertime has most definitely arrived in the city that Soulclap calls home. Windows are open, patios and porches are in business, and shorts and sundress have replaced jeans on the streets and at the parties. These are all reasons we love summer in Boston, but none of them spell “summer is here” like the letters D O T C. Yep, you guessed it I’m talking about Dancing On The Charles, which finally kicked off over the weekend with a loud bang. Not even thunderstorms could keep people away as a capacity crowd enjoyed the first installment of the party that is putting Boston on the worldwide house and techno terrace map (sure it’s not afterhours, but give us a little break). Big shout out to Iris Burke for taking some amazing flics that you can check here. There are also more pics in our photo section plus more videos here. Finally and most important, a huge THANK YOU goes out to our Boston/Cambridge people for helping us kick off the summer right and we hope you’re as excited as we are for part 2, my birthday bbq edition with special guest Trus’me from Prime Numbers and Defected Records in Manchester, UK making a stop on his US debut tour (more on him soon)! P.S. we promise more port-a-potties next time 🙂

Episode 26: Soul Clap LIVE! @ MIT Museum

We finally did it. Last Thursday for the first time ever we performed a set that wasn’t on 2 decks. It wasn’t even both of us on 4 decks and 2 mixers. It was Elyte & Cnyce performing on 2 mixers, 1 laptop, 1 turntable, 1 tape deck, 1 Korg MS2000 synth and 1 Kozoh Vespa delay box. It included about 50% original material and the other 50% totally mixed and edited wierdness. It happened at Modulations (pics by Dave Day here) and we recorded the whole damn thing (we got video too that we’ll share when it’s edited). Witness the birth of Soul Clap LIVE! right here, right now on Episode 26 of the Adventures of Soul Clap.

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The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 26
Soul Clap LIVE! @’s Modulations – MIT Museum


How We Kick Off ’08

Soul Clap Dimension7 EP on Itzamna!

Well after a week+ of complete insanity we’re finally back at it. We hope your NYE was as wild as ours and you’re ready for even more clapclap in ’08, because we already have big news to share. That’s right you’re eyes do not deceive you, our first E.P. of original music was released last week on Itzamna records, our dude Ferk’s label in El Salvador, and the title track (“Dimension7”) reached #45 on Beatport’s progressive house sales chart. Now we aren’t usually into progressive house either, but we don’t get to choose the genre they put it in and it looks like we turned out a track that people like so we’re super psyched. We’re even more proud of the B side (“Up & Under”) which is a constantly rising techno grinder much more in our mold. So please checkcheck ’em below and support by buybuying on Beatport.

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Soul Clap – Dimension7 (3 min preview)

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Soul Clap – Up And Under (3 min preview)

Unofficial Boston House/Techno Week Part 2

Dancing on the charles

I take it all back. For all that whining in my first report, I’m sorry. Sorry for the rant, sorry for the negativity. Because, Boston, for the second half of U.B.H/T.W. you fucking represented. Beginning with the throwback packed crowd at the Phoenix for Pig&Dan, into the drunken butt shaking for Jeff Samuel at Middlesex, continuing with the amazing dancefloor at Tiefschwarz and all the way through the uncontrollable energy and 6 turntable madness at DOTC4 and the sweaty basement after, YOU WERE THERE AND WE LOVE YOU FOR IT!

So to wrap it all up…

  • DOTC4 pics are here
  • Pig&Dan/Cnyce bday pics are here
  • We were on in the middle of it all (no we weren’t playing at B.O.A. Pavillion just going there for Underworld. DUH!)
  • Iris Burke‘s superb DOTC3 pics that we never linked before are here

…and finally…

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Green Velvet – Flash (DJ Sneak Mix) DOWNLOAD
Here’s a little treat for all you crazy ravers that made it to DOTC4. This is the tune that really took the energy over the top. When I dropped this and everyone went nuts I really felt like I was at a rave in 1996 again. Oh yeah it’s ripped from Relief Records #50 “The Flash Remixes” double pack that came out in 1995 on green vinyl!

Unofficial Boston House/Techno Week Part 1

mothership connection - tanner ross + italoboyz
The Mothership Connection (Marco Italo, Tanner Ross, Fede Italo)

So I’m almost recovered from the first weekend of unofficial Boston house/techno week and here are is a quick recap for you out-of-towners/lame-ass-Boston-mofos-that-complain-that-nothing-ever-goes-on-
and-then-don’t-even-go-out-for-our-biggest-week-ever. Farina on Friday at Rise Afterhours was packed out, however he played the same jacking deep house he’s been playing for at least 7 years and when he dropped a remix of this, I had to leave. Apparently the place was packed til at least 5am so that’s a good thing for Boston, but it’s clear that people here are stuck in like 2003 at the latest.

There were alot of zombie’s out Saturday, but even Underworld & Digweed in Boston couldn’t fill the 5,500 capacity Bank of America Pavilion on Saturday (only around 1,200 people showed up, which is still amazing for this city). I wasn’t about to miss the first electronic music event at Boston’s biggest outdoor concert space, even though we live in puritan land and it only went to 11pm. When we showed up at like 7:30, Digweed was playing spaced out dopeness to like 200 people, ridiculous. But by the time the headliners went on at 9:30 all 1,200 people in there were up front going nuts, so it was still an amazing show. But of course there were NO COOL AFTERPARTIES!

Sunday was the biggest disappointment of the bunch. First, Charlie’s car overheated while going to pick Italoboyz up and dudes and their agent (big thanks to Tania from Play Kula) had to rent a car and drive up from New York, which would have been fine…but so few people showed up that even the 100 person capacity Phoenix Landing looked empty. It was all good cause Tanner’s opening set was heatrocks and Italoboyz play the most tripped out minimal with little voices and opera samples and everyone in the spot went nuts, but come on Boston, a showing like this for Pig&Dan tomorrow night and we quit bringing you the best future music in the world…for real.


EEEYO! For all of you who made it out to Dancing On The Charles part 3 THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! We had a new record attendance of over 350 dumb fresh, stupidly dope, terribly outstanding party monsters who made this last Saturday one of the best parties I’ve EVER DJed in Boston. If you didnt make it out this weekend, SHAME ON YOU!!! Bad party monster, BAD! You missed so much, from the perfect weather to the perfect BBQ to the perfect DJ sets from KC Hallet, Matty Diamond, Cnyce aka Cnizzle aka “A Better Jew Than You” aka “Where’s Eli?”, Sergio Santos, Tanner Ross and our secret DJ…. drum roll… Dirtybird Records own JUSTIN MUTHAFUNKIN MARTIN!

Ok, so sit down for this one, we messed up again and lost the recording, AGAIN! I know, someone was having too much fun and decided to unplug the power a couple times… I know, it must have been a fun thing to do, especially with everyone so into the music and everything… So, we’ll try again NEXT TIME, on SEPTEMBER 22nd, when we host the LAST DANCING ON THE CHARLES party of summer 2007, we’ll have to find another spot for the winter, any ideas?

Right, so if you have any pics from the party (or the after party!) please send ’em so we can post online! Sorry we cant have Yubi-quality this time… Oh and yes, if you’re wondering, this dude DID jump in the Charles River… He wins the award for most hardcore, maximum respect to that guy! Check the rest of the pictures here.

looking back. looking forward.

The weekend was wild. The 90’s Jam was our best yet and minifunk2 was facemelt (see above). Lots of pictures are up in the photos section (as well as Carl Craig at Rise pics from 4/20). And now tonight Vincenzo from Dessous is at Bump. YES!

There’s alot of dopeness coming later this month too with SWEAT this Thursday and then Alix Alvarez from Sole Channel Music, NYC on May 25th. We’ve been telling ourselves to do an official SWEAT mixtape cause we can’t really explain the sound and that should happen really soon plus Alix Alvarez ROOTS&FUTURE pieces for those that dunknow. Yeah so don’t touch that dial and here’s a little treat until we drop the new podcast tomorrow (please give us feedback on it).

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S. Clap – Chosen Snare DOWNLOAD