Snack Pack Jack Attack 14: Sassmouth & Punisher

One again we were super lucky to have our Midweek Techno guest stop beam-up to the mothership for our lunch hour live radio broadcast direct to planet earth. This time it was Sassmouth representing Naughty Bad Fun Collective (make sure to hit their message board for excellent techno gossip) and Punisher (Detroit). After witnessing their mindblowing beating of the Phoenix Landing last night, It’s safe to say that they are two of our favorite DJs and today they took it to the danger zone. Make sure to check out their new release on Punisher’s own HEJ Records.

The Swing Kids – Yeah (The Dope Mix)
Roy Davis Jr. – Party Here! (The Chicago Night Life Mix)

***Sassmouth & Punisher in thee miix!***
Mikael Stav̦strand РSpaceflake РSounderground
Mambotur – Pacheco (Luciano’s Family Mix)
Rob Mello – In Da Bush (No Ears Dub)
Johnny D – Orbitallife
Brett Johnson – Stucco Homes (Return Of The Ghost Remix)
Ernesto Ferreyra – Fongtom
Fumiya Tanaka – Karafuto (d’Kawa Mix)
Fase Miusic Sender – I Swim Slow (Dilo Remix) – AirDrop
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – They Only Come Out At Night (Sometimes They Come Back “Horror Inc.” Remix)

***Sassmouth Leaves For The Airport :(***
Nicholas Sauser – Pontegliano
Punisher – Yer Killing’ Me
Alexi Delano – Two Stops in Williamsburg
John Overfiend – Tripping In Chile (Maetrik Ass Up Rework)
Bormaskin – A Chemical Imbalance
Format:B – Fatboy
Minimaril – El Erizio
Benny Blome – Braitbendnoodles
Jason Emsley – Render
DS – Medusa
Tony Rohr – Foundhaus Ltd.

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2 Big Midweek Technos In 1 Week?!

First: this Wednesday (11/12/08) we have legendary Detroit techno DJ Punisher going head to head with our friend and new London resident (but formerly of Chi-Town) Sassmouth! If you’re not familiar with the work of Punisher ask any of your friends that know anything about techno and for a little more on Sassmouth check out her episode of The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast from the summer.

Second: Sunday (11/16/08) is a very special edition of Midweek Techno on a different night because we have m_nus recording artist Paco Osuna touching down for a very special Boston appearance. Mr. Osuna is one of the top minimal techno DJs in the world so you probably want to get advance tickets so you’re not left out in the cold…