Dazed Digital Interview

Another month, another silly Soul Clap interview. This time with UK based fashion/culture/music trendsetter Dazed Magazine’s digital edition. Read the whole thing here.

Big in Japan?!

There’s been much ado about dance music in our little twisted world this week. To top things off we got some numbers back for Beatport sales on our Wolf + Lamb Edits and much to our surprise, we’re BIG IN JAPAN. Not sure if its because of the Soul Clap Tween-Anime fan club over there, but we certainly hope it is, hehe.

Also, necessary big ups to our good friend Chinua Green for being “oh so current” with his Mixmag subscription, and to the great Jamie Jones for making our Conscious Edit #1 on his chart this month (see below)!

Speaking of big-ups, the princess of BBC Radio One, Mz Heidi Vanden Amstel went above and beyond on her latest “In New DJ’s We Trust” show with what may just be the illest Boston shout out of ALL TIME! Her time here in Boston was such a pleasure, and her DJ set at Midweek Techno, FAHGETABOUTIT! Heidi, you got straight up FAM in the bean girl, FO REALZ, please come back any time 🙂 For those who haven’t heard this last show, check here, the shout out is 16 minutes in and its full of serious bombs AND a piece of her tag team set with Justin Martin from Exit Festival last month.

One last piece of news, we are proud to announce our next 2 big releases! Coming 8/4 it’s our first Wolf + Lamb digital EP (artwork at the top of this post). The release features a collection of three Michael Jackson tribute tracks including two from us titled Michael Went To Heaven (110 bpm) and Michael Went To Hell (108 bpm) as well as a cut from the No Regular Play boys called Things I Know, which features a Greg Paulus/MJ duet (figures). THEN 8/28 our next AirDrop release drops on vinyl. It’s our 4th vinyl on our original musical home (and their 11th vinyl so far) and we’re calling it the Definition EP because it marks the many new directions of our original music. We’re REALLY proud of this one and can’t wait for it to go out into the world 🙂


Soul Clap X Fairtilzer

Shout to Nite Rider for the artwork

The homey Judd aka big ballin in the M.I.A. has been yelling about The Genevan Heathen for awhile now and it’s hard not to feel that Heathen Swagger once you check Rambo’s music and musings. But it wasn’t until we linked up last month on his Fairtilizer project that the family could really sit down and have a feast. What’s Fairtilizer? Oh it’s just “Amplified Word of Mouth”, a website created by some of Geneva’s top musical movers (also including the head of Mental Groove Records) to share, listen and promote music, and Soul Clap are now the official Boston representatives. So far we’ve posted our tracks there and gotten an overwhelming response and also some great exposure for other Boston artists too (so if you have music and you’re from Boston then get at us). In fact we’ve gotten along so well with those swiss guys that they asked us to contribute a playlist to the site, so we did, and now it’s online for your listening pleasure. You can listen to it on the player below or just goto Fairtilizer and check it in person.

The Giraffe On Beatportal

We’re baaaack…and better than ever. For the full recap check our official photographer, the Knight Rider’s WMC PHOTO SAFARI or our label, AirDrop Record’s MUSICAL PHOTO TOUR and you can also check more photos up here. Also, soon we’ll be posting all about how HOUSE MUSIC IS MOST DEFINITELY BACK but right now we have some very exciting news to share. In between the Cheap Sunglasses Afterhours and checking Anja Schneider at the Beatport Pool Party we caught up with Beatportal for a quick interview about The Giraffe, which was then featured as a “WMC Track” on their blog (right between interviews with James Zabiela and Josh Wink). The EP is now available for digital purchase on Beatport and the vinyl is being distributed as we speak so we’ll have a link to buy that soon.

Shout out to the homies Paulo & Henry from AirDrop for putting out the vinyl and being ultimate party monsters, Ferk & Andy from Istmo for linking the interview, Knight Rider for the photos and shouts, Sergio for flying down for only 24hours, the entire Boston posse holding it down hard the whole week and of course Juddy & Beba for the blog love.

And A Happy New Year

While the year’s not quite over and you can expect a couple more posts and podcasts before all is said and done, right now seems as good a time as any to look back on the year that was 2007. It was a big year for us and we hope you were there to share some of the memories, but in case you missed out or forgot, here’s how it went in the first (almost) year of the Soul Clap blog:

We’ll be back so soon with our top tunes of ’07 chart and podcast plus a look ahead to 2008.

NEWS&NOTES: An Eruption For The Ages

Snoop does house on his new single: Sexual Eruption

Hope you enjoyed the fresh dose of 90’s house/technoness last week. Things are crazy busy on the mothership these days, so posts and podcasts have been tough to come by, but don’t worry we’ll keep the goodies (and there are alot of ’em in the works) coming just as fast as we can. For now here’s a quick update on what’s going on in our galaxy.

But before we get to the official transmission let’s start with that Snoop Dogg video up there. If you had asked me my thoughts about Snoop a couple months back I already would have told you that the Doggfather is probably the most underrated musician of the 00’s. It seems that just because he is such a pop icon people totally underestimate his music, but check 04’s R&G or 06’s Blue Carpet Treatment and you’ll find a unique sound that bridges the gap between 80’s funk and r&b and future hip-hop, soul and electronic and sets Snoop apart from any other artists of today. Like those albums weren’t enough, his new single explores unexplored territories for Snoop with it’s balearic house strings while taking the funk/r&b throwback to the next level (especially in the video) and the result is an absolute masterpiece. Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

On The Cover!

Soulclap! on the cover of Stuff@Night

So if getting up in Boston means anything, than we actually have accomplished something by appearing on the cover and getting a writeup in local “night. life. culture.” mag Stuff@Night. Either way it’s really funny to see our faces all over the city and we got drunk for free at the cover shoot. While the paragraph they wrote about us that appears in the mag pretty much captures what we’re about (other then the fact that we don’t play at Thunderdome or Hearthrob, but just wanted to shout them out as dope parties in Boston), we had some dead serious answers to the questions they emailed us that never got published so you can read some choice words here:

What’s your offical title, and what’s in your job description? Soulclap! – making beats, playing beats, beating it up proper, beet salad.

How do you see yourself fitting into the nightlife scene in Boston? We fight tooth and nail to keep an authentic underground afloat in a sea of “ya dudes”.

Tell me about your professional background. We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.

Describe how you see nightlife in Boston. How has it changed? Where is it going next? Well there have been many twists and turns since the days of Armand. We started out going to raves, going to Axis for house/techno nights, going to The Spot (now Baseball Tavern), going to parties in MIT tunnels and the Children’s Museum. As soon as they found out how much fun we were having they shut us down. After the millennium trance took over, followed by hip-hop and with the exception of a few underground spots/events (shout outs to Soul Revival, The Rinse, Runnin’ Fridays, Bump & Rise), nightlife in Boston became all about bottles and models and top 40, never about cutting edge music and quality DJs. Finally the last year or so there are more and more popular creative music and visual events, and if parties like Dancing on the Charles, Make It New, Hearthrob and Thunderdome are any indication things are finally turning around for Boston nightlife.

Where are you a regular, what spots do you love, and what kind of nightlife do you prefer? We pretty much just go out in Cambridge. Phoenix Landing, Enormous Room, Middlesex, Redline. When we go downtown we goto Goodlife, Rumba at the Intercontinental Hotel or ALDIE71. We only do underground nightlife. It’s gotta be all about great music, cool people and sweaty dancefloors.

What’s your drink of choice? Partying: Grey Goose & Redbull (fresh from the bull preferred) Chilling: Johnny Walker Blue. Shots: Patron Silver

If you were given the chance to build your dream nightlife venue for Boston — no restrictions at all — what would you create? Oh jeez. Most importantly the party will not stop at 2am (maybe 2pm depending on the weather) and it will be 18+ (cause it’s all about the kids). Think the terrace at Space Ibiza transplanted onto a floating barge on Boston harbor with a retractable dome. At night we will project insane visuals on the entire dome (like Omni Theater) and then in the daytime it will be see through. The DJ booth will be suspended in the air from the top of the dome and a full Funktion1 sound system will round out the deal. Oh yeah one last thing, NO BLOWOUTS OR TRIBAL TATOOS ALLOWED!

You can also check all the pics from our Kindergarten photoshoot here. Shout outs to all our people who made it happen: Beba K for styling, Erica C for PR, Mike D for being a mack, Joel V for photoing and Heather B for writing it. Also shout outs to our people that shouted us out: Juddy, Abby, Missy Jessy (yes all their name’s end with the letter y, that’s why they are our friends).

Raving On The Charles (We Wish)!

So heres a little inspiration from a 1991 UK rave called Pandemonium. We hope you have almost this much fun at the final Dancing on the Charles of 2007. And while we cant party all night like these nuttahs, if you keep your ears open you may just find something fun to do afterwards…

Oh yeah, dont forget to check us out on bostonmagazine.com.