Italoboyz Are Back This Wedensday

This week at Midweek Techno we welcome back our favorite Italian boyz (who have actually lived in London for awhile). This will be the third time we’ve had theses fine fellows at Phoenix Landing and over the span of 2 years since we first crossed paths, the boyz have become legitimate rockstars, with highlights including a live performance at Love Parade ’08. With a forthcoming album on Mothership, these boyz will only continue to get larger and we feel so lucky to have them at the super intimate Phoenix, so please join us for a night of house music and wierdo instruments as Italoboyz once again set fire to the dancefloor.

To help get you loose here is the boyz set from Phoenix Landing last June.

Midweek Techno takes place every Wednesday at Pheonix Landing, 512 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. Midweek Techno is 19+ and there is a $10 cover for special guests.

Dixon, The Fine Wine Of Dance Music

True wine snobs know that the real good stuff comes from France. True cigar aficionados know that there is nothing like product from Cuba. Sergio knows that the best smoke comes from the Humbodlt Valley, and while the best dance music hasn’t always come from Berlin, electronic music connoisseurs know that Dixon’s sound can only be classified as the finest German import.

Wednesday, September 24th Dixon will perform at Wednesday’s @ Phoenix Landing for a FIRST EVER Boston/Cambridge appearance. We are ecstatic about the show because Dixon is an extraordinarily rare act to book. The man, alongside Ame, behind Innervisions Recordings has stayed true to his deep roots, redefining the sound of contemporary European house music. He embodies the history of dance music and disco and (much like matty dimond!!!) is a master of DJ programming. Door will open at 9pm for this special night with a warm up from House/Techno trendsetter Sergio Santos. The cover is $10 all night. ALSO, THIS IS A 19+ EVENT.

Here are some mind blowing mixes that have had more run than Sergio’s dirty laundry:

Dixon – Resident Advisor Podcast #48 DOWNLOAD

Dixon – Innercity 2005-2008 DOWNLOAD

Dilo & Gurtz Are Also Aquatic

This Wednesday it’s another AirDrop special at Phoenix Landing as these 2 Argentine innovators make a Boston stop on their North American tour to share their uniquely latin, experimental, minimal sounds. Dilo is the founder of igloo-recs, which releases some of the best South American (and beyond) minimal you can find today and has been a major player in the worldwide techno scene since 2003. Gurtz is a master of sound and texture and he’s rocked his crazy live sets all over the world. If you don’t know about these guys production work you need to open your ears right away! They’ve remixed been remixed by artists like Ryan Crosson, Seph, Dapayk, Dandy Jack, Franco Cinelli, Funzion, Easy Changes, Barem, (a)pendics.shuffle & Agaric and now you can hear these amazing lads for yourself 🙂

Dilo tracks on Beatport

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Gurtz tracks on Beatport

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K.atou, Meow!

Editors note: this week we moved the Midweek Techno blog for our weekly Wednesday party at Pheonix Landing onto the Soul Clap Blog as it’s own category. So why should you care? Well only because this means that now you’ll get interviews & live recordings from the night from Boston’s best locals and people like: Italoboyz, Adultnapper, Derek Plaslaiko, Quarion, Chris Fortier and now…

This coming Wednesday (9/10/08) we welcome one of my current favorite DJs. All the way from Greece via Berlin, the one and only K.atou. I first saw her play on the terrace at the ReSolute party at this year’s Detroit Techno Fest and she blew me away with a sound that is the perfect marriage of hypnotic house and groovy techno (oh yeah and she played Somore – I Refuse)! So now we’re lucky enough to have this lady on the rise in a big way coming to Boston for the first time ever, so don’t sleep 🙂 Just to get you even more excited here’s a little interview and a the most recent K.atou mix I could find…

Where does the name K.atou come from?
Katou is the French nickname of Catherine or Katerina which is my real name.

What are the parties like in Greece?
I haven’t played in Greece for a while, recently i organized with a friend a 2 day party with Bruno Pronsato, Jan Krueger, Matt John, Elon, Miss Fitz in a Greek island but that was a different case of party of how they r in Athens or other bigger cities. It was at the beach, playing on the sunrise and jump for a swim anytime u had a long record playing..jk. Things r good in Greece but as far as artists invited pretty repetitive which is disappointing in my point of view.

What was the first record you ever bought? Your most treasured record?

First record i ever bought was new order and my most treasured record is the Saturday Night Fever on vinyl.

Where you from? Where you at?

From Greece, at difference place a year almost..hopefully I’ll root somewhere…at that time of answering I’m at the Iguana Cafe, N. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois.

What was the best place you ever played? What was the weirdest place you ever played?
Best place I’ve ever played is club der visionaere without a doubt, weirdest place was the living room of my now flat mates in Berlin at their farewell party in Santa Fe, New Mexico. they booked Lee Curtiss and me for their party which took place in the actual house…weird in a good way for me and excellent cuz it was different from all the weekend club gigs u know…

Top 5 songs of all-time? Top 5 songs right now?
since u said songs n not tracks i go for no techno music top 5s 😉
1. grace jones- pull up to the bumper
2. joe cooker- dont let me be misunderstood
3. curtis mayfield-move on up
4. steely dan-do it again
5. fleetwood mac- little lies

1. bruno pronsato-nobody calls (hello?repeat 013)
2. boris werner-sambosa (remote area)
3. horseshoe-collage (cabinet classics)
4. two armadillos-nostalgia “(tobias remix)
5. todd terry-i thought your love

2 truths and a lie
i love my family,i love food,i love airports.

Proudest musical accomplishment
my jazz, rock n roll and blues record collections

Vinyl or digital?

K.atou February 2008 Mix DOWNLOAD

6/11/08: Italoboyz @ Phoenix Landing

The Boyz are back in town! We know you probably missed ’em last September, but you just hit the jackpot cause we’ve got our current favorite DJs coming to town again, just for you (well it’s also for my birthday and also cause Boston needs to hear them now more than ever). Why do we love the Italoboyz so much you ask? Well first of all “[they] don’t play guitars!“, they’re even weirder than we are and their love of weird instruments has led to them creating some of the most interestingly crazy techno/house music of the last couple years, including last summer’s breakout hit “Viktor Casanova” on Mothership, the winter party monster “Zinga” on Get Physical and the brand new jacking, John Coltrane sampling “Bahia”, which is guaranteed to destroy any dancefloor (you can hear them all below). We also love Italoboyz because they play our music and also because of their amazingly fun partytime set at the Cheap Sunglasses Afterhours at this year’s WMC that you can listen to here. But I ramble on, It’s my birthday dammit, so all of Boston better be in attendance.

Italoboyz – Bahia (Party Swing) – Mothership BUY

Italoboyz – Zinga – Get Physical BUY

Italoboyz – Viktor Casanova – Mothership BUY

Adultnapper + DOTC 08

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love techno, and lately techno has been loving us right back at our weekly residency at Phoenix Wednesdays. Cnyce’s live mix from the night on podcast Episode 25 should give you an idea of the new territories we’ve been charting over there. This week at Phx Wdnsds is extra special though, because we have a major guest DJ in celebration of the birthday of the night’s top techno dogfather, Senhor Pat Fontes. I’m talking about Adultnapper and if you don’t know about this NYC based, but internationally influential techno producer you can read our interview over at the Midweek Techno Blog, check the live mix below and come witness the insanity on Wednesday.

In other very important warm you up in the wintertime news, we are excited to announce SEVEN (that’s right, count ’em 7) Saturday dates for Dancing On The Charles’ Summer 2008 Lineup. If you’ve never heard about DOTC or somehow don’t remember what happened last summer you can get all the ’08 info here and relive ’07 here. See you on the river/dancefloor.

Adultnapper Live 8/26/08 DOWNLOAD

Chucks Wearing Chucks, Go Chuck Yourself

Anyone out and about in Boston tonight consider this… 1 Stage, 2 Chucks, 4 hours of House and Techno bliss! Stop by Wednesdays @ Phoenix Landing where Soul Clap’s own Chuck Cnyce rocks out with Boston electronic music pioneer Chuck Caseroc. For those who dont know, Caseroc along with fellow resident Shannon Shalako started the original Wednesdays night party at Phoenix Landing in 1997.

Check out this interview where Chuck Caseroc tells all about the glory days and this chart where he gives us a peek at the tunes he’s rinsing this month.

The party starts tonight at 10p until 1a. Phoenix Landing is located at 512 Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge. $5 to enter, Ladies are FREE until 12a.

TECHNO! Wednesdays @ Phoenix Landing

We finally have a TECHNO residency! After playing guest hosts/openers for the Pig & Dan show in September, Boston Techno don Pat Fontes has welcomed us aboard as co-pilots of his spacecruiser. Phoenix Wednesdays is an especially important night for Boston techno, it was first launched in 1997 by Redlight Productions and after a brief hiatus in 2006 Mr. Fontes took the reigns earlier this year and has already featured world class guests performances by Tony Rohr, Someone Else, Geoff White & Dietrich Schoenemann. We are super psyched to be on board and you should be too. See you on Wednesday…

Techno Wednesdays at Phoenix Landing Cambridge with Soulclap! Pat Fontes and Sergio Santos

Techno Wednesdays at Phoenix Landing Cambridge with Soulclap! Pat Fontes and Sergio Santos

TECHNO! at Phoenix Landing goes down every Wednesday Night from 10pm-1am. Phoenix Landing is located at 512 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square, Cambridge, MA. TECHNO! Wednesdays is 19+ and it’s FREE to enter before 10:30 and only $5 after that. Be TECHNO! Wednesday’s friend on myspace.

Here’s a map:

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Unofficial Boston House/Techno Week Part 1

mothership connection - tanner ross + italoboyz
The Mothership Connection (Marco Italo, Tanner Ross, Fede Italo)

So I’m almost recovered from the first weekend of unofficial Boston house/techno week and here are is a quick recap for you out-of-towners/lame-ass-Boston-mofos-that-complain-that-nothing-ever-goes-on-
and-then-don’t-even-go-out-for-our-biggest-week-ever. Farina on Friday at Rise Afterhours was packed out, however he played the same jacking deep house he’s been playing for at least 7 years and when he dropped a remix of this, I had to leave. Apparently the place was packed til at least 5am so that’s a good thing for Boston, but it’s clear that people here are stuck in like 2003 at the latest.

There were alot of zombie’s out Saturday, but even Underworld & Digweed in Boston couldn’t fill the 5,500 capacity Bank of America Pavilion on Saturday (only around 1,200 people showed up, which is still amazing for this city). I wasn’t about to miss the first electronic music event at Boston’s biggest outdoor concert space, even though we live in puritan land and it only went to 11pm. When we showed up at like 7:30, Digweed was playing spaced out dopeness to like 200 people, ridiculous. But by the time the headliners went on at 9:30 all 1,200 people in there were up front going nuts, so it was still an amazing show. But of course there were NO COOL AFTERPARTIES!

Sunday was the biggest disappointment of the bunch. First, Charlie’s car overheated while going to pick Italoboyz up and dudes and their agent (big thanks to Tania from Play Kula) had to rent a car and drive up from New York, which would have been fine…but so few people showed up that even the 100 person capacity Phoenix Landing looked empty. It was all good cause Tanner’s opening set was heatrocks and Italoboyz play the most tripped out minimal with little voices and opera samples and everyone in the spot went nuts, but come on Boston, a showing like this for Pig&Dan tomorrow night and we quit bringing you the best future music in the world…for real.