Mr. Techno’s Basement (R&F-018)

For the latest edition of Roots & Future, we turn to Boston based DJ/Producer, former Satellite Records (closed) owner and total Techno brainiac, Pat Fontes. He chose three tunes from his enormous collection (which is partially the back catalogue from the store) that seemed to jump out and say “oooh Pattttt”.

Ian Pooley – Untitled (B2) [Force Inc Music Works – 1995] DOWNLOAD / BUY

In his words… “K, first the Iam Pooley Jam … [I chose this] one cause i was randomly digging thru crates, and the fact that it was one of my earliest records I ever came to own in the borderline house and techno spectrum. I use to wear that track out, probably played it at every gig from 1996 to 1998.”

Dave Angel – Tokyo Stealth Fighers (Slam Disfigurated Mix) [Forth & Broadway – 1997] DOWNLOAD / BUY

“The Dave Angel joint was just another addition to piles, I think I brought all his records home from Satellite [Records] just on the fact that it was Dave Angel, at the point that record was released he was a household name in underground [world of] funky house and techno.

Island (Forth and Broadway is a subsidiary of Island U.K.) Records was a big label to be on and he saw many releases back then and gained a great rep with us connoisseurs. [This track is] funky dirty grooving goodness on wax.”

Paul MacInfluenced One (Side A) [Influenced – 2004] DOWNLOAD / BUY

Paul Mac‘s, Influenced One is a limited edition 10 inch that is basically his interpetation of his Influences [but] one track … Side A… is like heaven to me. The start with the bassline hitting this pattern that I just feel in love with the 1st time, and believe i could hear it looped forever, yet he puts his signature touch of dirty grinding hi hats and shuffle all over it and adds a preacher in the song that actually states many things of interest or things many don’t think of… that state of our society and religion, etc…”

We thank Pat Fontes for his dope contribution, deep knowledge, and efforts to keep dance music alive in Boston. Pat Fontes only plays vinyl (still!) and you can see him whip out his 12 inches at Rise this Friday with us, Tanner Ross and Matty Dimond from 2a-7a… wa wa wee wa…