Paco Is Back !

This Wednesday we welcome back the spanish don dada of techno for his third time at the phoenix landing for special Midweek Techno extravaganza. The last two times we had the honor to host this artist has been a treat for any ears to hear live and direct. So even after the Halloween festivities and trick or treats, we saved you one last sweet thing to snack on, but in the mean time Here’s a great mix that I’ve been jamming out to lately. It’s Paco Osuna playing live at Club4… to hold you over!


Enjoy the mix!

2 Big Midweek Technos In 1 Week?!

First: this Wednesday (11/12/08) we have legendary Detroit techno DJ Punisher going head to head with our friend and new London resident (but formerly of Chi-Town) Sassmouth! If you’re not familiar with the work of Punisher ask any of your friends that know anything about techno and for a little more on Sassmouth check out her episode of The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast from the summer.

Second: Sunday (11/16/08) is a very special edition of Midweek Techno on a different night because we have m_nus recording artist Paco Osuna touching down for a very special Boston appearance. Mr. Osuna is one of the top minimal techno DJs in the world so you probably want to get advance tickets so you’re not left out in the cold…