El Bandido?

Good for a Sunday larf. Nico’s El Bandido meets some random hip-hop video 🙂

Episode 52: Nicolas Jaar, Live @ MWT

Sometimes the quality of talent that we have at our weekly Wednesday party, Midweek Techno, just BLOWS me away. Like does Boston even realize the resource they have right under their NOSES??? Doubtful, but alas, we keep on truckin.

Take for example a few months back when we PROUDLY presented the extraordinary talents of the young producer/live performer Nicholas Jaar. At only 19 years old (a FRESHMAN at Brown University) this young French transplant and musical prodigy has created quite a stir with releases for the likes of Wolf + Lamb and AirDrop Records and now on his own imprint, Clown and Sunset.

I’ve always been a bit iffy about Ableton sets, quite often it seems like the energy just isnt there. Nicolas Jaar’s performance however, is quite the contrary, his music weaves together like the gils of a french accordion, taking us all over the musical spectrum, way beyond simply DANCE music. Melodies, moods, emotions, seems like sky’s the limit for young Nico.

Just a few more tidbits: Seth Troxler’s remix of Nicolas Jaar “The Student” was the flipside to the recent deep bomb “Aphrika EP” that seems to be getting canned everywhere. Don’t sleep just cuz it doesn’t feature The Angelizer. Also, Nico is in cahoots with fellow Parisian Le Loup (performing at Midweek Techno June 3rd), who has also just released digitally the “See Line Ep” on Wolf + Lamb, again with a remix of “The Student” and another titled “Nico’s Bath Dance” which I imagine was created by both of these two yoots.

Sorry, no idea what was played, although I think I hear the Violent Femmes in there!

Episode 52: Nicolas Jaar, Live @ MWT

Nicolas Jaar, Future Superstar

Nicolas Jaar is younger than you, but he already has quite the jump on the electronic music establishment. Born in NYC and raised in Chile, Nicolas has a very organic approach to electronic music. At 14 he began producing and by 17 he had his first release on Wolf+Lamb. With a Seth Troxler remix of his “The Student” due on W+L vinyl and his own Clown & Sunset label set to launch this month, you don’t want to miss his first Boston appearance this Wednesday (2/4/09) at Phoenix Landing. For a full bio and a preview of Nicolas’ live set make sure to check out his recent appearance on AirPod.

How did you get into electronic music in the first place?
I got into electronic music when I realized that it could be organic and warm and nice like other types of music. I first listened to Villalobos’ Thé au Harem d’Archimède when I was 14 years old and to this day I think it is his best work. At around the same time I had just started tickling Reason – the software. The first track I ever did with a kick drum is Hage Chahine and it was released on Wolf + Lamb when I was 17 three years later.

Who are your major influences?
My major influence is the dancer Evelyne Meynard.

How’d you link up with Wolf+Lamb?
I sent a track called “the student” to Gadi and Zev after hearing them speak in a NYU radio show. Hearing both of them talk about the future of music made me realize they were the place for me. Wolf + Lamb is now my spiritual home. As incredibly talented producers and individuals, they have the brightest future ahead of them in the next few months.

Do you feel like there’s a new generation of young electronic producer’s that are going to change the shape of the music over the next 5 years?
Music has to evolve. Like everything else. I’m working on creating my own instrument for the live experience to grow out of its present 17″ dimension. I feel a lot of people are starting to understand that, as electronic music producers, we cannot go on sharing our music through nothing more than a computer; in the next 5 years a new conception of performance should begin to emerge, shaping the mold, creating a new stage for new music to arise. I’ve recently created my own label Clown and Sunset, a platform for young artists that share similar views to express themselves.

Check out a live set by Nicolas for AirPod:
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